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Flower Whiskers.jpg
Flower Whiskers is the famous matriarch and dominant female of the Whiskers Mob and long-term matriarch of the Whiskers. Flower is one of the most famous meerkats of Meerkat Fanon Wiki and of the meerkat study of South Africa called the South Africa Meerkat Project founded in early years for the study of meerkats in the Van Zlyrus reserve. From mumble beginings Flower arrived in the world and her whole life from a younger age her life was documented with precise studying by the SKMP into her last part of life. Flower became the dominant female of the Whiskers clan in 2001 after her older half sister Vialli died a fews days after the pups began to forage with the group. Flower took control of the group and led her group for the very first time at the age of two years old.See Flower Whiskers for more.

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The South Africa Meerkat Project's portrait.



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Temporary Leadership

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Things To Remember

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Meerkat Diaries is Coming Back this November

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Hopeful Wishings

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Whiskers of Meerkat Manor 5

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