Over the next week, Zola, Vialli, Moby and Big Will learn more about each other. Moby had come from Logan Group(Baobab Empire), and was look to start his own family group. The group found another burrow on top of a dune, they called Sand dune, the group move their.

Big Will woke to see Zola hoving over Vialli. "What's going on" Big Will asked

"Vialli gave birth" Zola answer with a smile on her face "What are you going to name them" Zola asked Vialli

"The three females are going to be called Flo, Finn and Sandy and the boy will be called Apple" whispered Vialli, Big Will then head out of the burrow, When he got out he found Moby standing up look for danger.

"Hi, Will" Moby spoke when he saw Big Will

"Hi" whispered Big Will, then Zola and Vialli came above ground.

Moby, Zola and Vialli forage the whole day, with Vialli going below ground to feed her pups. Moby and Zola gave some of their food to Big Will, this went on for about three weeks, then the pups came above ground for the first time. The lead them away from the burrow to forage.

"I want food" Apple and his littermates cry to the adults, Flo and Apple were the strongest and biggest of the group, Sandy was very small and had trouble keeping with the group.  Over the next week the pups got stronger, but one day Sandy disappear, the couldn't believe it. They look for ever but couldn't found her. One day their were forage near the burrow.

"What are you doing" Big Will and Apple asked Moby, as they saw him standing up on his two legs

"Watching for danger" Moby replied

Suddenly,Moby spotted a meerkat.The meerkat came close.Moby ran up to the meerkat.

"Who are you"?Moby asked.

"I'm Carmen",said the meerkat."I can see you started a new Empire.

"Welcome to the family"!Vialli said.

About a week later,Big Will turned into a teengager.He learned how to stand up on his two hind legs.While at foreing,an evicted female,Lola walked up towered them.Big Will was the first to spot her.Who is she?Big Will thought.Vialli spotted her,and ran up to her.

"Hello,and what's your name"?Vialli asked.

"I'm Lola",she said.

Lola joined them and they still searched for food.Big Will gave Apple a Geko.They all soon returned home.

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