Episode one: A weird maths sessionEdit

Nugget: Bye Mummy! I'm off to school!

Rocket dog: Bye my little warrior!

[ Beaker is putting on make up]

Beaker: Mummy, tell Nugget to wait longer!

Rocket dog: Nugget has gone to school honey

Beaker: Nooooooooooooooooo!

[ Beaker runs, lipstick all over her face]

[Meanwhile, Nugget is in his class] 

Juno: I heared daddy is going to teach maths today

Nugget: No! Not daddy! He cheated on Mummy!

Juno: Well that's true, daddy did cheat on my mummy too

[ Wilson comes in crying]

Nugget: What's wrong with him?

Pickle: Mummy dumped daddy for Squeak

Nugget: Good old Sophie

Wilson: [Still sobbing] Alright class, today we are learning add Waahhhhhhhh! Sophie!

[Beaker comes in, lipstick still on her face, the class goes into chaos]

Nugget: I'm sorry I didn't wait for you, you were taking so long!

Beaker: Okay, I do take long,[ looks at Wilson crying] what's wrong with daddy?

Nugget: Sophie dumped him for Squeak, so we're not really going to have a lesson today

[The bell rings]

2. An even weirder english session part one[ A rude interruption]

[Nugget, Beaker, Juno, Flashman, Pickle and Chips were heading to english. They decided to go to the mall after school, as long as Beaker didn't take long to put on her make up]

[ Nugget and the others take their seats]

Beaker: I heared Squeak is taking english today

Nugget: Cool!

[Squeak comes in and begins to teach]

Squeak: A compound word is two words put together, like buttercup

[While Squeak still teaches, Wilson bursts in a sword from Flower's drama class in his paw]

Wilson: [pointing his sword at Squeak] YOU TOOK MY SOPHIE!!!!!! YOU"RE GONNA PAYYY!!!

[ To be continued]

3. An even weirder english session part two[ The fight for Sophie]


Wilson burst into english class and told Squeak he was going to pay for taking Sophie away from him.. What's gonna happen now?

Squeak: Oh, I'm going to pay, it's you that's gonna pay buddy![Takes a real sword from under his desk]

[Wilson's eyes widen]

Wilson: Where did you get that?

Squeak: [Realising what he got out] I don't know

[ The boys ditch the swords and fight like normal meerkats]

[All the students exit, except Nugget, who is hypnotised by the battle]

Nugget: Battleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [walks like a zombie to the battle, until Juno pulls him out]

Juno: [Slaps Nugget multiple times] Get out of your trance Nugget!

[ Nugget gets out of his trance]

Nugget: Thank you Juno. I'm better now

Chips: So what do we do now?

[Flashman sees his mother with another guy]

Flashman: Guys, look! Mummy is with another guy!

[ All the whiskers pups giggle, as Sophie and her new date go into class and see Wilson and Squeak stop fighting]

Wilson: Who's that?

Sophie: This is my new mate, Darky

Darky: Hi!

Wilson and Squeak: New mate?

[Both males jump onto Darky and a three way fight goes on]

Pickle: Mummy, why do you change mates?

Sophie: I don't know baby, I don't know

[The bell rings]

4. A disfucntional music session[well, not to the boys]

[The whiskers pups have their last lesson for today, music]

Nugget: Who's teaching music today?

[Darky, Squeak and Wilson burst in fighting]

Wilson: Sophie is mine! She was and always will be mine!

Squeak: No she's mine!

Darky: You are both her pasts she's mine now!

[Zorro stumbles in, after fighting with Hannibal for Nikita,  ironic ha?]

Zorro: You three! Get out!!!!!!!

[Wilson, Squeak and Darky go to fight elsewhere]

Zorro:Alright, before we get into music, we have a new student. Please welcome Savuka!

[The pups clap when Savuka comes in]

Zorro: Alright Savuka, chose an instrument along with the rest of you

[Beaker gets a violin and plays horribly]

[Nugget, Flashman, Chips, Juno and Savka cover their ears]

Savuka: Your sister is horrible at playing that

Nugget: What?

[They uncover their ears and decide to play the eletric guitars. Nugget pluges the guitars into the ammplifiers]

Nugget: Juno, are you ready?!

Juno: I'm ready!

Nugget: Flashman, are you ready?!

Flashman: I'm ready!

Nugget: Chips, are you ready?!

Chips:I'm ready!

Nugget: Savuka, are you ready?!

Savuka: I'm ready!

Nugget: Alright, one, two, three, four!

[Like Beaker, who was horrible with the violin, the boys are horrible with the guitars and cause Hannibal's science room to explode]

Zorro: Yes! I can take Nikita back!

Pickle: You want Nikita back?

Zorro:Never mind

[The bell rings]

Chips: School's finished, yeah! 

Nugget:Savuka, wanna come to the mall with us?

Savuka:Ooh, I'd like that!

5. Mall time!

[The whiskers pups were taking the bus for the mall]

Nugget:Yeah, it's mall time!

Savuka: What are we going to do first?

Beaker: How about going to Mcsnackers?

Juno: Ew! They have horrible millipede macs!

Pickle: How about we go to the salon!

Flashman:You can't be serious!

Chips:Let's go to coin save and get that cool new laser toy!

Nugget:No way! That's cheeesy! Let's go to snack palace!

[The other whiskers pups agree. They get off the bus and head to snack palace]

Houdini and Frank: Welcome to snack palace!

Nugget:Mummy told me you two were enimies

[Frank and Houdini have a flashback]

"Get out!"

"no you get out and go back to roving!"

Fight begins, Houdini wins, Frank gets kicked out Blablabla

End of flashback

Houdini:Well, we've gotten over that, right Frank?

Frank: [In a sarcastic voice]Of course we have [Fakely smiles]

[Houdini lunges at him and a fight starts]

Flashman: Well, let's see what there is

Nugget:I'll take some Geko pops!

Beaker:Ant suprise please!

Juno:Ooh, I want some fried and freezed scorpion sticks!

Flashman:Can I have some millipede lollies?

Pickle:Some beetle larvae candy plese!

Chips:I'll have some beetle mash please!

Savuka:I want some scorpion  fritters!

[The pups have their snacks and enjoy them.]

Savuka:Do you want to go to the riverside wall? There may be something cool to do there.


[They head to the riverside wall. There, Nugget sees Big si's army selection course]

Nugget:I want to enter the army!

[The others agree, although Beaker is a bit scared]

Nugget:It's okay Beaker, you can do it

Beaker:Alright then I'll do it

6. Army school

Big si: Alright ladies! Do you know why you're here?

Savuka:Because we signed up?

Big si:[Slowly]Nooo[eyes slide another way]


Big si:Alright! But you chose yourselves in the army!

[Beaker glares at Nugget behind Big si's back]

Big si: Now! there will be just a week until a chose just 20 of you 100 meerkats! There will be harsh excerzises so you will be strong! You will be fast! You will be...

Nugget:[Interrupting] This isn't a movie!

Big si: Get down and give me 50 soldier!

[Nugget does 50 pushups in just an hour]

[Big si growls]

Big si:Alright! Let's get going

[The first excerzise is a running excerzise involving holding a heavy pack on your back]

[Nugget excells in this excerzise, along with Juno, Savuka, Flashman, Chips and even Pickle. Beaker, however tumbles just two steps from the starting line]

[Beaker starts to cry]

Big si:Shut up and get running soldier!

[Beaker gets up and runs, still crying]

7. Contacts for the trainees

[Nugget and Beaker are video chatting their mother]

Nugget: Hi Mummy!

Rocket dog: Hello my little warrior!

Beaker: [All bruised and sobbing] hello Mummy!

Rocket dog: Baby, what's wrong?

Beaker: Nugget and the other pups excell at the excerzicises and I fail!

Rocket dog: Oh Beaker, it doesn't matter wether you fail!

Beaker:[Crying] Yes it does!

Rocket dog: Oh Beaker, never give up. Keep thinking you can do it!

Beaker: But I can't!

Rocket dog: Ooh! It's time for my dominants tea party bye! [Rocket dog signs off]

[Juno signs up onto his video chating sight. Amira[Rita for the Americans] is on the other side.]

Juno: Hi mummy!

Amira: Oh my son! You don't know how much I miss you!

Juno: You never loved me until I was almost taken by a hawk!

Amira: I love you now!

Juno: Now[Starts crying] You didn't love me when you saved me!

Amira: Of course I..[Juno signs off and runs crying] Oh Juno

[Flashman, Pickle, Chips and Savuka are video chatting to Sophie]

The pups: Hi Mummy!

Sophie: Hello my babies!

Savuka: How's your dominants tea party?!

Sophie: How did you know about that?!

Flashman: Nugget and Beaker told us!

Sophie: No they didn't!

Pickle: Yes they did!

Sophie: Fine! [ The pups see the tea party. There are dominants and stuffed animals]

Zorro: Would you like another spot of tea Miss Puffy?

[The pups have to sign off after Zorro punches the camera when he finds out what they're doing.]

8. The final trial

[Nugget is warming up by doing an "eight kilometre run". His biggest rival, Piglet, is watching.]

Nugget: Just two more kilometres Nugget!

Piglet [Thoughts] More like four kilometres!

[Meanwhile, in the girls cabin, Beaker is crying. Pickle is highly disturbed by this.]

Pickle: Beaker, will you be quiet!

[Beaker cries louder.]

Pickle: Beaker, I told you to be quiet!

[Beaker cries even louder.]

Pickle: For the last time, SHUT UP!

[Beaker cries so loud, the entire girls cabin falls on the pups. Pickle and Yara scramble out of the rubble.]

Pickle: That's it! Where is she?!

Yara: There she is!

[Beaker's cries are so loud, all of Star Manor is shaking. Nugget, who has finished his "eight kilometre run" and Juno are rolling on the ground laughing.]

Nugget: Oh my god! My sister's cries have eliminated the girls!

Juno: I know! One little tiny girl made such a big mess!

[Beaker stops crying while the boys still laugh, even harder than before. Her eyes go wild.]

Beaker: Nugget!!! Juno!!!

[Nugget and Juno stop laughing.]

Nugget: Run!!!

[The two boys run as Beaker goes on a mad rampage in search of them again. Pickle and Yara stare on, mouths and eyes wide open.]

More to come! Will Beaker get Nugget and Juno? Will Big si do something about the cabin? Will Piglet's rivalry with Nugget escalate? Find out soon!