A comedy story about meerkats who have there own videos to share. It's kind of like home videos

1. Zaphod's movieEdit

[Zaphod, Flower, Dante(search him up if you don't know him, but I'll give you a hint, he was the third dominant male of the Elveera), Eleusine(Dante's mate), Mabili, Hannibal, Nikita and Zorro(both Zorro and Hannibal were apart from each other so they won't fight) were sitting on the couch about to watch some home movies.]

Mabili: How about you go first Zaphod

Zaphod: Thank you Mabili

[Zaphod shows the video called the worst roadtrip ever]

"Maybelline darling! Don't you think it's time for a roadtrip?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Well we're going to have one with the rest of the Aztecs and Rocket Dog." Maybellines face fell, litrally

[Dante chuckles]

"But why?"

"She is still family Maybelline! We will have a good time!"

Twenty minutes later all the Aztecs and Rocket Dog are on the caravan. Nugget hid himself in Rocket Dog's suitcase and hasn't yet been found. Rocket Dog and Maybelline are wanting to kill each other, but are stared at by Zaphod.

"Everybody ready?"

"Ready!" they all said, except the hidden Nugget, who nobody even knows he's even there.

"Alright!" Zaphod starts to drive the caravan. The four pups of Maybelline start singing.

"The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round! The wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long!" they sung, however, thanks to Murray falling asleep, Maybelline and Rocket Dog were able to get their paws on each other and a fight begins.

"I'm going to kill you Rocket Dog!"

"No I'm going to kill you Maybelline!"

Zaphod hopped off from the wheel to try and stop them, but the caravan rolled off the road and off a cliff. Suprisingly, the only one who died was Murray and they never even noticed him

End of video

[All are laughing]

Hannibal: That's so stupid! It's my turn now

2. Hannibal's movieEdit

[Hannibal puts his movie, how I really lost my eye, into the cassete player.]

"Hannibal! Stop being lazy and help me!" Keros growled.

Zorro: Wait wait wait! Mabili is your grandmother! Keros is your father and Mabili's son!

Hannibal: Shut up and watch the movie!

"No way Dad! It's my day off!"

"I'll show a day off!"

Keros attacks his son and makes him lose his right eye.

End of video

[Flower flinches]

Hannibal:Oh yeah that question you asked Zorro, yes, I am Mabili's Grandson and your not![pokes his tounge]

[Zorro shows his claws]

Hannibal: Bring it on Foxman!

[Both fight].

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