The beginning of the Whiskers dynasty. From the proud Holly to the legendary flower to the rise of Kira.

Pov Meerkats

Holly- The first dominant female

Flower- The legendary queen

Mitch- The little hero

Rocket Dog- the survivor

Sophie- The good girl gone bad

Black Cat- The surviors child

Axel- The hero ontraining

Beaker- The daughter

Mango- the faithful subornate

Kira- The reigning queen


Four sister rises from their burrow. With were two brothers and male, with no relation to either. Holly the eldest sister was standing next to Argon, the dominant male. When the group first mate both Holly and her littermate sister Brambles were pregnant. Holly aborted her litter two days ago. Holly family now had Brambles four pups underground. Holly decided it was time to head out and get some food. One year old Beetle. Holly first found a scorpion. Her sister Brambles and Spice, were jostling over a millipede. Holly noticed her other sister Piglet was just resting in the sand. Piglet was sure to be pregnant by Argon or his brother Delpheus. Holly was knew she was running out of time. With her sisters having pups and her not. Argon and Delepheus were both ready to mate. She moved over to Argon. Enticing him she groomed him. Then the deal was sealed.

Holly was underground. After mating with Argon yesterday, she wanted to make sure her pregnantcy was surly made. In the early morning she mated with Delepheus. Holly was now sure to have the Whiskers future oneway or another.

The holly watched as seven pups came out of the burrow. Holly had given birth to Vialli, Dennis Wise and Zola, a day after Piglet had Lancelot, Jean-Juc, Aphordite and Artemis. Holly was unsure who had fathered pups, but she was sure her place at the Whiskers was permanent.

Holly's family was looking pretty.

Holly spent her days feeding pups, but soon she was ready to mate again. Argon was not letting no unrelated male in or out of the group get near her. Holly found his overprotectiveness annoying . He was glued to her side and soon she became pregnant. To avoid

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