Rocket Dog Whiskers(VWF060) 3

Rocket Dog

Rocket Dog is finally queen of the whiskers and with a crown comes a man. But were is she going to get one?

Maybelline gang numbers have grown. How can she keep it growing if dad want's all his daughter like goddess hesista?

Nikita still has Zorro luckily and that mean more men, and they all want her! will her gang start taking sides and destroy them selves.

You can find this all out on the 15th of January


Rocket Dog the desert successor

Mitch the overprotective brother

Sophie the new tramp

Nugget the little warrior

Beaker the klepto- princess


Maybelline the rebel queen

Zaphod the last of the old gaurd

E.J the newest troublemaker


Nikita the dark queen of the desert

Zorro the long-standing sheriff

Celidh the eldest female


Blist the nervy dominant female

Clive the bored dominant male

Episode one

It's the closing of winter, but food rashes haven't changed. But Rocket Dog's small family controls a large territory, with lots of prey. Rocket Dog has found a skink a is munching on it. Rocket Dog's dominant male and little brother Mitch has found a tortoise eggs. Most of family isn't pay him no mind, but Beaker, Rocket Dog's only and oldest daughter Beaker us watching. Beaker the new thief on the manor, but unlike her uncle Mitch,Beaker's more clever and if she's going to get the egg she'll need to be patient. Mitch jaws break the egg on a crack second and soon a second later, Beaker smacks in and being the dominant's daughter, she outranks and now outweighs Mitch

Five miles away, the Aztecs are on a new Mission, finding a new burrow. Her group of 14 are on the move, especially now that's she's pregnant. Such great news at the beginning of a new season. Maybelline's group is going to expands so they need a bigger burrow for a bigger group.

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