River looked content at her family.With Limefire at her side the group have gotten bigger and All the group's members are in high spirits, River was pregnat. "Congrats, Mom" Her son Rescue said as he and his sister Oddball groomed her. River eyed violet and Xsella. Only 6 weeks till the birth of their pups,River soon relizes she just might have to get rid of the competion."Come, on everybody it's time for breakfast'. River led the group out for lunch. With a a new litter on the way River had to make sure she could eat what she could. She then saw her daughter,Leona had found a scorpian! River wasn't usually the stealing type, for she thought so she just permanitly borrowed the scorpian. So she niped Leona out and took the delucatcy. Limefire stayed far away from his now fercious mate.He now had to protect his daughters more full time.And he was on the ball he saw a roving male."Recue, Dipper come here." Limefire said to his sons and they sneaked over to get abetter look. It was a unknown rover. But a rover is a rover had they had to be gotten rid of. On his signal, He and his sons charged the male.