River was the first one up.She poped her head out to see if there where any Predetors around.Then when she gave the call the group surfaced. after the adults had Surfaced so did Acacia,May and Tilly.the pups surfaced above ground two weeks ago.As River looked at her family She noticed that Violet and Xsella where Pregnant.she realy didn't mind since she her self wasn't pregnant but she would still need to keep an eye on them and any other female who might get pregnant. But she didn't worry about now, She has three pups to feed."um warm milk." Tilly said as she suckeled.Then Limefire came and said"River,everyones ready to leave." Then River then let Karma Handle Feeding the pups. Then when everybody was ready, led the group out to foraging.The first Place they stopped was the catapillar forest. The trees this time of year were fill with Newly hatched catapillars were a nutrious treat.As the group moved from tree to tree searching for the small critters River caught the scent of somethng fish. It smelled like a enemy group but which one. Not the Thunders and but the Talons."everybody i think the talons are on our teretory.""if so mom, There to close the burrow." Hawk Said.The group,Led by River and Limefire. the group searched for the Talons.Then the group found a burrow that had the Talons scent all over it.After sending Limefire and Flame to check it out the group started scent marking above the burrow with Teenagers Oddball and Dipper looking out for the enemy.Then Oddball Started Raising the alarm. "what's the matter,Oddball?"Limefire asked his daughter."That!" She said and every body saw the Talons returning from foraging. Then the two groups stared each other until the Talons came charging at full speed.The leopards responded with a counter attack. Limefire,aided by Flame and Fox attacked Garnet,Dominate male of the Talons while Xsella and Violet headed straight for Ruby.River was helping Oddball,who was ambushed by two Talons meerkats. Soon Ruby and Garnet Retreated and when the rest of the Talons realized they had no leader they scattered across the desert back to there teretory. River watched as her enemy retreated while the rest of the group scent marked the area. There were some wounds and Injures but nothing fatal.As soon as the group finished Scent marking they went on foraged.

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