Chapter 1Edit

River was very happy. Another litter born and the Leopards were a happy 37 members."Mom, I can take over." It was Caracal, her teenage daughter."Sure,Honey. You know me and Limefire did this to you all the time." River said as she left Acacia,May And Tilly with there half sister. As River came up from the burrow she saw all of her famliy greet and Groom her. "Hello sweet pea" It was Limefire, her loyal,faithful partner. Her famliy was looking good since thier other dominate female, Viv, Rivers big sister. She was treacherous, Unthinkable and tyrannical leader. She lost most her litters and when she did she evicted a female. She was so hated her children despised her.River was lucky to overthrow the wicked leader and with the help of the group she Evicted the tyrannical leader. The group had only two adult meerkats, she and limefire, Viv's 2 teenage kids and Viv and Rivers mix litter of 10 pups. With such low numbers, it's very lucky the group grew during the past few monthes. The group are growing and defending their teretory well. As River was ready to lead the group out she orderd Black cat, Karma and Caracal. "come on every body if you want to miss foraging fine because were not waiting for no one." she said to the group. then the group started scent-marking and foraging. This time they were foraging near the thunders border.Because the group never forages close to their kingdoms River, only in the dry season, The famliy think the Thunders have been foraging on their side of the river in their absence.Their was lots of food near the river. River found three scorpians. Squirrel found a giant millipede. Limefire found a turtle egg.Speckeles found a big juicy beetle. The group were doing fine until Domino started raising the alarm."Mom,dad um i think you should take a look at this."Quickly River and Limefire climbed up the tree and looked at what domino was seeing, charging meerkats. In the front River saw Mittens, dominate female of the thunders."so if the thunders wanna forage on our teritory,there gonna have to fight for it!" River shouted and rallyed up her famliy and said the battle cry"Attack!" Then the Leopards charged at the thunders. Then in seconds the two groups clashed with no retreats, no regrets but a full on rage to fight. limefire and ashes headed straight for Kimbo and River and Penney tusseled with Mittens and her daughter. then soon most of the teenage meerkats in the leopards started at helping attack the dominate meerkats and after the dominate were chased away the rest of the thunders follwed."Are all the Thunders gone?" River asked Limefire."yep, there all gone." Then River led the leopards back home where the baby-sitters were relived and handed baby sitting duties to Violet, Rivers niece fed the three pups. The Rest of the group stayed up til the sunset.


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