The Meerkat Reserch Project was founded in early 2007. It had very few succsessful mobs until 2008. At that time wild groups started moving in along with missing meerkats from other projects.

Here is a list of the mobs in the project

Mob ID Domiant Female Dominant Male Members
Ardvark AV Blackbird TY Knock wild 12
Dragons DN Lady KK Venom PA 10
Eagles EG Eagle Owl SK Everest CD 17
Kool Kats KK Cheetra wild Pumpleous W 18
Lions LI Samba CD Mr. Jack wild 24
Mongoose MN Whiyn MM Jack wild 9
Puff Adders PA Popple W Pocky WH 18
Tigers TG Mertle Y Maroon KU 10
Warthog WH Loretta wild Kuzzico wild 30
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