Meerkat Researchers Extreme Desert or known as MRED is a team consisted of meerkat researchers.

Many people from around the world first formed this team back in 1989, when one of the founding members Joshua Evans decided to use the money he had to fund this expedition/operation as his family was rich at that time.

While deciding which location to study meerkats on, one of the members suggested the Extreme Desert, as it was one of the harshest deserts in the planet. It caught the interested of the other members as well, because they wanted to see how little creatures such meerkats fair so well in places like these.

At first, there were only 30 members of the team, as time went on, more people joined. Today, it is one of the largest meerkat researching groups ever, with over 200+ members.


25 December 1899: The team finally arrives at the location.

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