In the last season of Meerkat Manor...

Rocket Dog was the dominant female of the Whiskers. She tried to find a mate, but she didn´t find it. Her luck change for good when she gave birth to her first suriving litter. She saved her pups for a snake and got bitten by snake saving Sophie and Rita's pups, but survived proving that she was mother's daughter. Sophie also became mother's daughter when she started to mate with rovers and be evicted, but she gave birth to  three pups and lead the group to a new burrow when Rocket Dog was weak for the venom. Mitch became a successful dominant male  and Amira a good mother. This season is going to start with some news in the Whiskers and their lives are going to be more difficult.

Meet the Whiskers...

Rocket Dog (Noble Leader)

Mitch (Eagle's Eye brother)

Sophie (Following mother's pawprints)

Wiley Kat (Sweet)

Beaker (Loyal daughter)

Nugget (Fearless)

The duo of Don Juans of the desert...

Wilson (Have many chances to be dominant male)

Philippe (His loyal mate)

The New Enemie...

The Kung Fu

Rosie (dominant female)

Clive (The dominant male)

And old rivals...

The Lazuli

Aretha (New Leader)

Squeak (Kalahari's New Lover)

Welcome to Meerkat Manor: The New Born of the Manor.

Meeting the ManorEdit

It's morning in the Kalahari desert in May. Only a month passed since the end of filming of Meerkat Manor: The
Whiskers family

The Whiskers at morning

Next Generation. Rocket Dog survived and recovred all for the snake bite. She became pregneat, but aborted. Well, everyone aborts when you are almost to die. Rocket Dog and the Whiskers crossed a road when a car was comming. Rocket Dog didn´t recovered at all of the snake bite that time and the car almost hit her. Thanks to Nugget who gave the alarm Rocket Dog crouched down and the car passed without touched her.

All the group is happy having their old Flower's sucessor, all, but Sophie. If Rocket Dog is absent she can lead the group being the oldest female behind Rocket Dog. But sisters Wiley Kat and Rita are going to do all of they can to stop Sophie and don't be evicted again. Mitch and the boys had their secret plans, but for now they are going to continue helping their older sister. Nugget and Beaker are bigger children and they play with little Juno. Flashman, Pickle and Chips are now little teenegears and play together. This is a good start for a new era of the Whiskers.

It's late morning and Rocket Dog lead the group to find some prey. And if she have good luck she can find a male. In the last two seasons Rocket Dog tried to find a unrelated male, but the only males who appeared in the group are Wilson and Philippe, who for now aren´t interesed to became dominant males. Rocket Dog and the group soon find a good place and started to forage. Nugget is to young to win a foodcompetition with uncle Mitch, but tried. He lose very fast. Axel, the only unrelated male in the group is on sentry. He was adopted as a pup in the Whiskers, but didn't mate with Rocket Dog, maybe he think that is his mother or something like that. But Axel soon become tired and go down of the tree to catch some easy prey. He looks Beaker and trie to steal her delicious scorpion. But Beaker is learning how is the live in the Kalahari and she run away of the others with her prey in her mouth and, when Axel came, it was too late.

Sophie is away from the others, like Maybelline when she wanted the leadership. But Sophie don't have a masive group to split it. She knows that the Whiskers must to stay together.

Rocket Dog is now facing a food competition with Mitch. Mitch is a overprotective brother, following fathers pawprints. He can't resist chase away a rover, but Mitch is growing and one day he needs to leave the group. This are good news for Rocket Dog. If Mitch and the other males leave the group she can finally find a mate. But for now Mitch is going to do all to ruin Rocket Dog's love life. 

But while Rocket Dog and Mitch are resolving their problems, two meerkats appear in the horizon. And they are the duo of Wilson and his loyal Phillippe. They are very popular with Whiskers girls. But the duo dissapired two months ago. Probably, they were trying to join a mob that they can call home. But without sucess the returned to the Whiskers. And Wilson is only looking his old flame Sophie. Phillippe is looking Rocket Dog and Mitch wondering if Rocket Dog found a mate. But the couple needs to pay more attention to the other boys. Axel spotted them very fast. Soon Wilson see all the males, except Mitch going to them and they run away, leaving Sophie alone. Rocket Dog win the foodcompetition, but when look up, she see the romantic duo running away.

Sophie dissapointed, approached the group again, with the hope to have a low profile. But Wiley Kat saw all the action and now is going to do something to try to stay in the group. She bite Sophie three times to tell her that she is in serious problems and look around to find Rocket Dog. But Rocket Dog is not here. Wiley Kat continue searching Rocket Dog and Sophie quickly leave her alone.
VWF060 Rocket Dog favorite photo

Rocket Dog on sentry

Rocket Dog is away of the family searching a mate. If she see a rover she is going to find him and do all that she can to convince him to join the group. She is very desseperate. But when she look the horizon she don't see a mate, but meerkats. A few meerkats. Rocket Dog knows who is that group very well. It's a new group founded by her little brother Clive and Nikita's sister Rosie. The Kung Fu. But Rocket Dog is able to keep their little rivals in their place and give the alarm to the group. The Whiskers do their old war-dance to they rivals and the Kung Fu run away. The youngster start to play, but are interumpted by the adults. It's time to go home and the Whiskers leaders need to find a good burrow to sleep. Rocket Dog knows a good burrow and soon they arrive. At the last for the Whiskers the day very sucsessful, with any lost. But for the Whiskers girls anyone had a love adventure. Rocket Dog needs to do more to find a good mate. Wilson and Phillippe are a good chance. But Rocket Dog needs to have her sisters under control. Her sisters want love adventures and she can lose the control and dominance. Rocket Dog must find a mate...               and fast.

Next time on Meerkat Manor: The New Born of the Manor: The Whiskers had some trouble when Sophie became agresive. Can Rocket Dog put her niece under control?

Love troubleEdit

Three weeks passed since the last episode. Rocket Dog didn't found a mate, but she have many hopes today. Mitch went roving with Axel, Bill and Josh. This is one of the best opportunities that she had before. Sophie is the last to get up. When all are out Rocket Dog do her lead calls for the group's follow. All the group follow her, except Sophie. She was too tired to go with them. Her pups start to bite her and finally she follow Rocket Dog.

Sophie don't want to go foraging

Soon the Whiskers start to forage. The litter-mate of Josh, Rufus is doing sentry now. He ilitter-mate of Rita too. About Rita she is searching for a new love adventure. But Rufus is going to do all to ruin Rita's love life, like Mitch do with older sister Rocket Dog.

Sophie's with bad mood. She is stealing her pups food. Little Pickle lost her beetle to her. Sophie never do this before. Flashman and Chips look their mother and go away from her. The only thing that can change Sophie's temper is her Wilson. But Wilson or Phillippe aren't here. Rocket Dog is eating a millipide in peace when Sophie come and try to eat it. Rocket Dog surprised, bite Sophie. Sophie resisted and continue eating. Bewildered Rocket Dog use her weight to slam Sophie to the ground. Her strategy worked and Rocket Dog take out of Sophie's paws her prey. Sophie go away of the group. 

In a tree little Nugget take Rufus place. But Nugget is too young to see two meerkats in a dune. After eat some scorpions, Rocket Dog is on sentry too. This is her opportunitty. She make her move. Wilson look her. He mate with her before. But he is searching for Sophie. Sophie had the head in the sand. This isn't Sophie's day. Without luck with Sophie his second option is his Rocket Dog. But Phillippe want her too. Rocket Dog is very surprised. For the first time she can choice a mate. And she choice her old Wilson. She and Wilson hide in the tall grass to have a tender moment. Phillippe try with other Whiskers girl, his Wiley Kat. And Wiley Kat is looking him.   They go to the undergrowth to make love. The two pairs stay a long time, like a honey moon. This can be Rocket Dog's hope.

But while the lovers are making pups, four meerkats appeared in the oppsite side. They are Mitch and his boys. They return from their love adventure in the Lazuli. This are bad news for Wilson, Phillippe, Wiley Kat and Rocket Dog.

Little Beaker don't knows where is mother. Usually she is in the center. She search her, but she isn't there. She go to the tall grass, to find mommy and daddy making love. Beaker's father was most likely Wilson. He was with Rocket Dog before she became pregneat. Beaker stay with her parents, until she become bored. She went with her brother and started to playfight, leaving her mother and father alone. When they finish, Wilson start to groom Rocket Dog. No wanting to lose her chance, she groom him too. But now Rocket Dog needs to return to the group. She needs to eat to. Rocket Dog start to advance to the group, but Wilson follow her. She don't know to do. But when Rocket Dog is wondering how Wilson can join the group the arrivors Mitch, Bill, Axel, Josh along with Rufus chased Wilson away. Phillippe already saw his brother run away. The tender moment with Wiley Kat was short, but sucessful. Phillippe joins his mate and run away leaving poor Wiley Kat with Rocket Dog. 

The evening of the day was peaceful. Sophie lost her bad temper and groom her pups. The two children of Rocket Dog are beteewn her. Soon the number of 16 Whiskers reduced to 3. Mitch is the last member to go bed.

Juno Whiskers(VWM125)

Juno yawning

At the next morning, Juno is the first to get up. Little Nugget is the second. Like a older brother, Nugget take care of his little cousin Juno. Soon after the group start to go out from the burrow. Juno's mother Rita sit down with him. Little Juno try to go to play with Pickle, but Rita take him, hug him. Juno get free and go to play with his little cousin. Nugget and Beaker join them and start to play, while the adults do the domestiic jobs, and some of them take a sunshower.

Rocket Dog was one of the last to get up. She start to do some domestics jobs. Wiley Kat is with Sophie. After mating with Phillippe this isn't surprising. But Wiley Kat wants pups and anyone is going to ruin her plains. She is the only adult female of the Whiskers who didn't had pups before. Sophie didn't mated with any roving male, so she have possibilities to stay in the group if Rocket Dog became pregneat. The two females must do thier moves quickly.

Rocket Dog lead the group to the desert. Soon the start to find food. Sophie find a lizard, but Rocket Dog come and take out of Sophie's paws. Sophie take again the lizard and eat it. Rocket Dog leave Sophie and dig for her own food. Sophie's pup Flashmen call Sophie for a delicios prey. The caring baby-sitter give him a beetle. Unhappy with the little prey, he start to anoy all the group. Rita controled the little pup give him a worm. But little Chips come and eat a big part of it. That makes Flashman angry and attacks his sister. Sophie come and take Chips out of the action leaving Flashman. Sophie needs to control her pups.

But the action stops when Mitch gave an alarm. It's a Marcial Eagle watching. Rocket Dog call her group and go near of a bolt hole. If the eagle become dangerous, the group can hide in the hole. But one meerkat didn't heart the alarm. Wiley Kat. She continues searching food and she don't see the danger. Mitch give the alarm one more time before all go to the bolt hole. This time Wiley Kat hear it and run to the bolt hole, seconds before the eagle aproaches to the sand. Without success the eagle leave the area to find food in another place. Nugget is the first who turn up out of the burrow. When he confirms that the area is safe the others emerge. This was to close for Wiley Kat. She is going to be more carefully in the future. The Whiskers continue foraging.

At the end of the day all go to bed early. With two pregneat females and young meerkats to take care all the group is very tired today.

Almost one month after the Whiskers are foraging early. Rocket Dog find agood place, with a water place. Little Juno feel down there, but now is good. Something is different in the air who have nervious all the group. All is silent. It's a smell. Only Rocket Dog recognize very well this smell. Near of them it's a puff adder. Rocket Dog look all the family nervoius. If one of the pups is bite, it die. Sophie is around her pups, protecting them of all. Juno is with Wiley Kat. If one of the pregneat females, either Rocket Dog or Wiley Kat, is bitenn, the pups of the bite female die. The most of the males are on sentry. Mitch is helping to protect the pups too. The only thing that hold the Whiskers to this land is the good prey that it have.

Little Pickle is follow by Mitch when Sophie was eating. Pickle is playing with the sand, but soon get bored and cry for a bug. Mitch give her a scorpion and she fastly eat it. Pickle go near of a bolt hole follow by Mitch. But... Mitch smell somthing strange in the bolt hole. This can be.........

the puff adder!!!

The next time of Meerkat Manor: The New Born of the Manor: A snake!! The Whiskers find a puff adder in a bolt hole near their burrow and fight with them, but one get bitten. Can this Whisker survive for the venom. And after What is the future of Rocket Dog and Wiley Kat's pups?

It's hard say goodbyeEdit

Continue the last episode, when Mitch found the burrow with a puff adder, who was near Pickle. Mitch give the
Two Whiskers Juveniles

Nugget and Beaker taking care of the pups

alarm inmediately and start to mob the snake. The others joined him soon after. Pregneat Rocket Dog and Wiley Kat do it too. The pups were safe with the youngers Nugget and Beaker, who didn't go to mob the snake. The snake attack, but fail. The Mitch try to take the snake head, but the snake attack and bite poor Mitch badly in his head. Mitch go out from the hole and sit down next to the pups. This time Nugget and Beaker join them mobbing the snake. But the snake soon dissapire in the bolt hole going down. With a injured male to take care and females going to give birth, the Whiskers run out of this land. This sucessful land was chosen by Rocket Dog, but with a snake they need to run away of it.  

The Whiskers find, finally a burrow to sleep. Mitch is very bad. Wiley Kat sits near to him. Sophie is away form the group. She is carring a secret. Little Sophie is pregneat again, by the last son of the strong Big Si, Squeak. Rocket Dog is pregneat and if she wants toi give birth safe, Sophie is in a big trouble. Unlike the other nights Mitch is the fisrt to go down to the burrow. Wiley Kat is the next. Finally all the group go down. Anyone knows if Mitch is going to survive. One lost more will be terrible for the Whiskers.

At the next morning hope go out of the Whiskers burrow. Mitch is strong and his snake bite look better than yesterday. That isn't the only hope. Wiley Kat gave birth to three pups the last nigth, her three first pups. Rocket Dog and Sophie still pregneat. And one of them can kill Wiley Kat's children. This can be a big mistake by her. Rocket Dog needs to gave birth to prove that she is the dominant female. But Rocket Dog's very kind. Can her kindess be a big mistake again? Only Sophie and Wiley Kat are going to decide this. With a mother to take care of pups, Rocket Dog leave Buster, one of Flower's last sons to take care of them. Now is time to go for some food.

The Whiskers find a little good place to forage in the limit of their territory. Today Mitch don't go with the mob. He stay with Buster in the burrow. So Mitch place is take by Bill. He is one of Mozart's last sons, with Duke. He is a little ambitious. Bill take his role very serious. But while Bill is taking his new role, the others were foraging. Rita take a millipide from Juno's paws, but Juno bite his mother to she give him the prey. But Rita don't give any to her little pup. About the other pups, Pickle play with her sister Chips. Flashman is eating a worm, but little Juno without his prey, take Flashman's worm. Little Flashman triy to take his worm, but Juno is to strong for him. Nugget is on guard like his cousin Bill. Nugget is growing fast, he have eight months and now he can look after the group. Teenegear Beaker is eating a beetle. Like her brother, she is bigger than other meerkats of her age. So when Bill go down of the three, being one year and half older, he can't steal Beaker's bug. The juveniles are enjoying with their childhood. However the adults take their job more serious. Rocket Dog needs to eat a lot with her pregnancy. Sophie needs to eat a lot too. But she is in danger. If Rocket Dog thinks that she is dangerous for her pups, she will be evicted. And that is what Sophie fears. She became to be the most favorite babysitter to the most evicted.

But all Whisker´s foraging adventure is interrupted by Bill who give an alarm call. He spot a Marcial Eagle. The Whiskers run to a bolt hole. But the eagle isn't the only problem. Soon after the eagle leave the group and another group appear in the horizon. It's the Kung Fu. The Whiskers don't know what is happening. And the Kung Fu are going to the little bolt hole. They are cornered there. Suddenly Axel go out of the burrow to find the Kung Fu very close of them. He give another alarm call, making the Kung Fu put thier attention on him. Rosie look at him, thinking that only is a single male, but after Axel gave the alarm, all the group go out from the burrow, surprised for the group. Rocket Dog leads the Whiskers to fight with thier new rivals, it's time for Rocket Dog to tell a lesson to Rosie. And her young brother Clive, who is one of the fundators and the dominant male. Soon the figth start and all is in caos. Well only there.

In the Whiskers burrow is very simple to take care of Wiley Kat's newborn pups. Mitch is resting. He needs to recover of his bite. Buster is taking guard. He is growing to a strong meerkat male. And unlike the most of the males, he likes to babysit and he likes pups. The little pups are underground. This is the only thing that Buster wants. He is tired so he take a little rest. This can be the only place of the Whiskers that is peaceful. Because the battle continue in the foraging party.

Rocket Dog tries to do all that she can to chase away their rivals, but they still battling. The Kung Fu is badly wounded, but still trying to win a territory. But the Whiskers are strong to. Wiley Kat is bitting meerkats next to Rita. Rocket Dog is bitting Rosie next to Sophie who is trying to bite two little pups, named Jane and Eliot. Bill and Axel are trying to defeat Clive, but he is too strong for them. But the Kung Fu is more little than the Whiskers and after chasing away thier leaders by Rocket Dog, Beaker, Bill, Axel and Juno, they run away. The Whiskers celebrate thier victory resting under a tree to recover thier strength. All the group in very wound. But the pregneat females are good. In the afternoon the group go to the burrow to finally sleep.

Wiley Kat

New mother Wiley Kat

Three weeks after this events, the most of the Whiskers male are out of the burrow. Mitch have wounds in his face, but better. Bill, Axel, Josh and Rufus are with him. Mitch is going to follow father Zaphod's paws. He start to go away from the burrow, follow by the other males. This can be the last time with Mitch protecting the Whiskers. The last time that Axel, Bill, Josh and Rufus are in thier group. The five Whiskers say goodbye to the Whiskers to have a better future. The Whiskers get up after the males disappear in the horizon. This day was to be a celebratoin of the Whiskers, because Wiley Kat's pups went out of the burrow. And because Rocket Dog have a secret in the burrow. The last night she gave birth to four little pups. Finally Nugget and Beaker are going to have more brothers and sisters to play-fight. Sophie still pregneat by Squeak. Soon the sounds of Wiley Kat's pups going out of the burrow take the attention of all the group. Blacky, Chetaah and Peanut go out of the burrow and see the light for the first time. Blacky see his cousin Juno and bite him to start to play with him, but Juno is very big for him. Peanut join him and bite Juno. Chetaah on sits with her mother, but soon go to playfight with her brothers. The newest pups of the Whiskers and second litter of proud Rocket Dog are the new hope of the group, who was very small with the lost of the five males, but become strong with the pups. And if all the pups survive the Whiskers can have again thier old glory, when Flower was the dominant female. The new Era of the Whiskers started with the dominant female as Rocket Dog, who continue without a dominant male, but now has pups. But Rocket didn't evicted Sophie. She is going to watch carfully all Sophie moves. If she don't evict Sophie this can be a big mistake for her pups and all the group.

The next time of Meerkat Manor: The New Born of the Manor: Rocket Dog's pups are good as their three weeks old, but Sophie's pregnancy is getting her into a lot of trouble. Can Rocket Dog be kindness and give her a second opportunitty? And, What happen to the five Whiskers males?

New beginningEdit

Busta Whiskers(VWM111)

Buster, the new baby-sitter

The sun is shinning in the manor and the Whiskers are foraging in their land. Rocket Dog is good as her three weeks that she gave birth to her second suvirving litter. But she didn´t leave Sophie as a baby-sitter of her pups, the last time Rita killed her litter, and she learned that she can´t leave a pregneat female with her new born pups. Instead of Sophie she leave her daughter Beaker and little Buster as the baby-sitters. Menwhile, Wiley Kat take cares of her three little pups. Blacky, Peanut and Cheetah learn so much in this three weeks and now have one month old. The strongest pup is little Blacky, and he steel all he can eat. Little Cheetah only can drink milk, because all she find is stael by Blacky. If Blacky don´t stop doing that, he may have bad consecuences. About Sophie, she stills pregneat, but she wasn't evicted by Rocket Dog for now. If Sophie can stay in the group only a few days, her pups will have a good future. But pregneat Sophie is becoming a rebelious meerkat, like all the times that she fall pregneat. If Sophie doesn´t control her moody, it will be bad for her pups. Menwhile Rocket Dog's pups are good as their three weeks old. Santa, Nikita, Candy and Jam are four little strong pups. Santa is so like her mother. She is a little relax pup who likes to play, a big difference with her cousin Blacky. The Whiskers had a explosion of pups and if they want to keep them in the group, they need to protect them, because the predators are there every day. And today the new sentry Nugget spot a Eagle Owl watching them and waiting to catch one of the pups alone. With the lost of hte five males in the last episode, for the Eagle Owl can be so easy, but Rocket Dog don't leave anyone of all her children, including Nugget and Beaker, alone. If the Whiskers be like when Flower was reingning, a 40-strong meerkat group, they can protect the pups, but with 5 adults, 2 teenegears and a lot of pups to take care, the run to a bolt hole. Anyone stays behind, because all the adults get around of the pups, to protect them. Finally all the group go down to the bolt-hole and with any obtion to catch a pup, leave the area. Rocket Dog go up from the whole to scan the area from the Owl, and when she sees the bird in the horizon, she goes out from the hole and the group follows her. For now the pups are save..., but only for now.

Finally the Whiskers go to they burrow. The stars start to apear in the sky and finally the mob go to the burrow.

The next day, Rocket Dog is the first to get up with only a thing in her head: the Whiskers are going to recleam their old territory, the are going to go to the big dune. The Aztecs, the Commandos and the Lazuli have now this territory, but any of this area is of them. When all is get up and the domestic jobs are done Rocket Dog check for all the group. But one member isn't here. It's Sophie. The leader go down to the burrow to find her, but she isn't there. Sophie woke up early than Rocket Dog and now is in the tall grass with her Wilson. Rocket Dog can belive her eyes. She slam Sophie to the ground angry and this is ti much for Sophie. Rocket Dog didn't evicted Sophie with her pregneancy and bad mood, but Sophie now is in the limit of Rocket Dog's pacient. She attacks her and bite her in her leg and tail and finally evicts her from the group. Wilson doen't know to do. He can run or he can try to groom Rocket Dog and try to finally have a family. He choose run and soon Phillippe apears at his back. The pups learned a lection today: don´t fall pregneat.

Some minutes later Rocket Dog remember her plans and starts to go to the big dune. It's a long way, but she is going to do all she can to have again this territory. Sophie follows the group, away. This is the thing that Sophie doesn't want. If Sophie can't return to the mob, her pups are going to die. Now the only thing that Sophie can do is follow the group. Rita is paying attention to all her moves and growling to her when she go near to the group. Rita is doing all she can to stay in the group. Anyone is going to change her mind.

Menwhile the Aztecs are foraging exactlt in the big dune. Maybelline, the competive sister of Rocket Dog, stills as the leader of the group. Resently the numbres of the group go down, beacuase she evictedvher sisters and only Squig and her sister Burdock still in hte group. They are of the same litter of Rita, so is exactly than in the Whiskers. The four little pups of Maybelline, Ringo, McCarthey, Harrison and Lennon now have almost six months as playful teenegears. The king of the Kalahari Zaphod still in the group, doing all he can to ruin Maybelline's love live, like he do with his other daughter Rocket Dog in the Whiskers. He is so good dominant male to. He take sentry and help so much her daughter. The Aztecs are doing so well, like the Whiskers.

In the Whiskers the finally arrive the big dune, but they don't know that they rivals, the Aztecs are in the down of the dune. Faster Buster, spot them and give the alarm. Now is Rocket Dog's time to told her sister a lection. The Whiskers war dance to the Aztecs. They soon spot them. Maybelline is not going to abandon this sucesful land without a fight. Rocket Dog and Maybelline encontered one more time and a family IGI begings. And when all this is passing and the Whiskers paid help of the lost males they are having a good time in the manor.

Mitch, Bill, Axel, Rufus and Josh are seducing all kalahari ladies. They are enjoyning. This leave of the males can be a better future than in the group. Axel soon spot a little group, is the Lazuli, the old rivals of the Whiskers. This can be  Mitch dream to took the dominance of a group. There areonly a few males so the coalition of Whiskers guys, join them easily. Mitch dream is passing like he plan, but is a male who is oppositing them, nobody as Squeak. Bill and Rufus attack him and he run away. Then Mitch marks all the juvenile males and finally do his dream. He go to the side of the dominante female, Aretha and stays next to her. Aretha stars to groom her. This onñy means one thing. Mitch become the dominant male of the Lazuli. In the big dune anithing can be more
IGI Monkulus

Monkulus being attacked by Nugget

different. Sisters, newphes, nieces, brothers and the dad bite the family. But the Whiskers are more strong with all the pups so with some minutes to fight, the Aztecs run away, all butt Maybelline. RD is going to told a lection to her and she is sure that she isn't going to forget it. Finally Maybelline cna get free and run away to her group. This is a victory for the Whiskers. And Rocket Dog decices to continue they foraging party in the dune. At the final of the day, the Whiskers choose a burrow that is bear of the big dune. Sophie stays in a bolt hole in the other side of the dune. Her pups are almost here and if she doesn't join the group tomorrow, all her pains to gave birth, will be for anything. Buster is the last member to go to sleep in the Whiskers, and as the Aztecs, they need to find a burrow before the night, but Maybelline choose to use this night a bolt hole to sleep and Zaohid is the last member to go under the hole.

The next morning, the Aztecs early run away from the dune to find new territories and the Whiskers are ready to defend this. Wiley Kat tries to nurs the pups, but Rocket Dog is more interesting, for her pups being the mother. Suddenly Juno see two meerkats in the horizon. But they aren't Wilson and Phillippe. And the meerkats soon call their family. It's the Commandos, with their queen Nikita. The Commandos aren't so strong like when the one-eyed leader Hannibal was the leader. After Zorro's dead, Miles and Baker fight for the position of the dominant male, their little brother Dizzy joined them, so Duke  for now is taking the role of the dominant male. But now the three fightting males need to prove that they can lead the group to victory. But with all Nikita's and Rocket Dog's evictions, the groups, had the same numbers. Who can win this battle?

The next time on Meerkat Manor: The New Born of the Manor: The fight of Whiskers v/s Commandos is being a disaster when a new danger cames. After the fight stops, the winners across two meerkats, Wilson and Phillippe. Who will be the winners of this big IGI? Which will be the future of Wilson and Phillippe?

Winners and LosersEdit

We remeber that in the last time of Meerkat Manor, the Whiskers were in the begining of a fight with the

IGI, Whiskers vs Commandos

Commandos, and now the two queens, Nikita and Rocket Dog are on a viscously fight. Nikita is only a month old than RD, so for the first time she have a real challenge. So many times, the Whiskers had enconters with the Commandos. When Flower was reigning, the group win the most of the times, but when the Whiskers were weak, after Flower's dead, and soon after, the Commandos were weak after one eyed dominant male, Hannibal died. Now Nikita had a dificult challange. But when this is happening, three posible dominant males are attacking poor Buster and Nugget, the oldest males in the group, Nugget cries for help, bitten by his older uncle Baker, he tries to get free, but he can't. If he gets inmovilized, he can be caught by other enemy meerkats and get killed. But soon aunt Wiley Kat attachs her older brother Baker and chase him away from her newphew. Soon Wiley Kat and Nugget go to help Buster, who is bitting his older brothers Miles and Dizzy. Some Commandos and Whiskers run away, this fight is totally a disaster. Soon, Coopper from the Commandos spot a big snake, a cape cobra and the confuse hit the last members in the two groups. Nikita and Rocket Dog stop their fight for the alarm, the two are confused. For instict, Rocket Dog and Nikita lead their groups to mob the snake away. For the first and probably last time, the Commandos and Whiskers are working together.  Nikita attacks the cobra, but fails, and the cobra trying to bite her attacks, but like Nikita fails. Nugget, injured, but ready to help his family tries to attack the cobra two, but fails and almost get bitten. Rocket Dog tries another strategy and doesn't attack the snake, only giving it a hole in the circle to go away. Nikita use the same strategy of her rival. Th cobra tries to defend it proud, but the meerkats are to much for it. Finally the cobra run away from the land to Whiskers land, but to the north, not to the burrow. After the cobra disapears, the last members of the mobs continue their fight. The little pups of the two groups, some still in the fight and the others run away with the other members.

In the Whiskers burrow some Whiskers had returned. Wiley Kat, Beaker, Chips, Flashman, Peanut, Cheetah, Candy and Nikita had returned to the burrow. The members wait for the group. Menwhile, Sophie knows that RD isn't here. This can be her opportunite, probably, the only that she have. Quickly she asserts the dominance in the pups and the juveniles. Wiley Kat can't believe her eyes. Sophie is a subordinate, not a dominant. So when she tries assert the dominance on her, Wiley Kat attack her. Sophie no get defeated and attack Wiley Kat to show her that Rocket Dog is not going to return. But Wiley Kat's hopes are over Sophie's wonders.

In the battle arena the most of the Coommandos run away, but the Whiskers warrios are very injured. Little and brave Nugget had so many wounds, but finally he chased away the youngers Yara and Harry. About the pups, the Whiskers next generation, Rocket Dog and Wiley Kat's pups are okay, bieng defended by some adults, like Commandos ones. But the fight of the dominant females continue. Rocket Dog and Nikita are so much wounded than the other members, but they still fighting. Finally Nikita can't resist more when brave Nugget goes and join his mother. The last loyal Commandos run away, followed by the lastest Whiskers. Now the big dune is only of the Whiskers and Lazuli.

The injured, but satisfied warrios return to the burrow. Sophie sees Rocket Dog in the dune, but when she runs is too late. Rocket Dog injured, but furious attacks her sister and evicts her from the group. Sophie attacks her, trying to stay in the group, without an eviction, but Rocket Dog's years makes the diference and Sophie run away, followed by RD. Sophie's pups now has any oportunity to survive. The victory always have many bad things. And today Sophie pay it with her pregnancy.

In the Horizon two meerkats apear. They are Wilson and his brother Phillippe. They didm't appeared in the group some weeks after the males left the group, is the first time that Wilson doesn't see Mitch in the mob. This can be his only opportunity to join them. Wilson start
Whiskers at sleeping burrow

The Whiskers at sleeping burrow

 to get near from the group and quickly attacks Buster. Poor Buster is so wound to attack the big male, so he seduce to him. Now Wilson go to seduce Nugget, but he only marks him being his son, and soon all the males, including the pups. Phillippe can't believe his eyes. He is so happy, finally he and his brother are going to have a good family. Rocket Dog acepts the new dominant male and grooms Wilson. Phillippe soon go to the group and finally fall sleep deep into the burrow, with some members of the Whiskers, happy to finally sleep with more meerkats. RD and Wilson were the lastest to go under the burrow, happy to have the thing that they wanted for so much time. 

In another burrow some Commandos falled sleep, but not Nikita. Today they were chased away by old rivals, it was so normal when it was the opposite. Nikita failed to her group. They need to be more carfully the next time. Finally the last Commando, Samba go to sleep.

The next time of Meerkat Manor: The New Born of the Manor: With a new dominant male in the Whiskers, their chances to become strong are growing. But all becomes a caos when the group get separated. Which will be the future of the new generation of the Whiskers?

Loyals and disloyalsEdit

Rocket Dog Jun 2007

Rocket Dog and her new mate Wilson

Two weeks after the Whiskers get up happy. Rocket Dog and Wilson do a perfect pair for the Whiskers, they lead the charge to chase away the Lazuli from the Big Dune. Rocket Dog is so happy to finally find a mate, so as Wilson and Phillippe to find a new family. Wiley Kat grooms the leader of the Whiskers family, trying to stay in RD's good side, and she accepts her seduccion. Alll the pups of the group are ok, including Rocket Dog's pups. Nugget take cares of them. Alll the group is happy to have two strong leaders. Well not all.Sophie the pregneat and evicted rebeloius female is not pregneat now. She gave birth in the last to weeks to a litter of five pups, but only one still alive, little Dante. He was the only pup who wasn't pretated and Sophie hates that. She only want return to the mob. But with Dante around she can't. She passed so much time alone. She needs return to the Whiskers.In the whole family Rocket Dog lead them to the dry river bed where they had a good days foraging
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