The Whiskers- Brave Warriors

Rocket Dog- The Queen

Mitch- The ever so loyal partner

Sophie- Troublemaker

Axel- Young hero

Wiley Kat- The Rebellious Babysitter

Nugget And Beaker- Wayward twins

The Warriors- Evil Neighboors Flower- Iron Lady

Scar- Flower's partner with a dark side

Romeo- The rover

Molly- The ambitious daughter

Alex- Sneaky lover

The Aztecs-The Troublesome Group

Maybelline-Carefree leader

Zaphod- Old king

Jade- Dreamer

This is Meerkat Manor- The New Age.

Episode 1- New Beginnings Meet The Whiskers. For the past four years, we have been following them each and every day with our cameras. We watched them as they faced hard times, lost their beloved leader, got driven out, been overthrown, but yet they stayed strong. Meet Rocket Dog, the caring leader of the group. Rocket Dog has been the leader of The Whiskers for a little less than a year. She got off to a troublesome start, but because of her, the Whiskers are strong and mightier than ever. But one cetiren kat will change the fate if the Whiskers...forever.


It is a sunny day in the Kalahari desert. The Whiskers are typing their burrow.

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