It has been a few months since we last left of Meerkat Manor. The Whiskers are in chaos! Rocket Dog is dead, leaving troublesome Sophie as the leader. Two males, Thunder and Niko contatlly cause Trouble in the desert, and the Whiskeds are breaking apart. Will this chaos stop? I, Vanallia of The ScatKats mob, welcome you to: Meerkat Manor: After The Storm.


Sophie-The ruthless yet troublesome leader of the Whiskers. She is fierce to the females of the group and causes the mob to break apart.

Thunder- A Lazuli male who causes trouble in the desert with his brother, Niko.

Niko-The Romeo of the desert, who deprastlly falls for Wiley Kat.

Wiley Kat- A shy whiskers female who falls for Niko.

Scarlet-Sophie's young daughter who thinks she's the boss of the females.

Mitch- The Whiskers dominant male who was bitten by a snake.

Amira- A Whiskers female who cares for pups; the main target of Sophie.

Paws-Sophie's son who flirts with all the mobs.

Maybelline-The leader of the Aztecs with an iron fist. Her goal is to take revenge on The Whiskers for abandeding her.

Zaphod-Sophie's father, leader of the Aztecs. He ruin his daughters and sons love life's.

Willow-The dominant female of the Lauzli. She struggles with leading the group.

Miles-The evil leader of the Lauzli. He is an amazing fighter and could kill anyone. He wants to take over all the mobs.

Baker-Miles brother who wants to overthrow him.

Paris-A Whiskers pup who gets lost.

Jack-Paris playful brother.

Axel-A former Lazuli member. The Lazuli are trying to get him back.

Taylor-A young female who gets evicted from the Aztecs.

Minor CharactersEdit

Note that these characters are only seen once or five.

Pickles-Sophie's pup.

Hazel-Sophie's pup.

Claw- A Lazuli fighter.

Warrior-Niko and Thunder's brother.

Lulu-A Whiskers female.

Bird-A Whiskers make who dies from a snake.

Mententiod CharactersEdit

Rocket Dog- The former leader of the Whiskers.

Flower-The greatest leader the desert have ever seen. Sophie's goal is to be like her amazing mother.

Nikita-A former Commandos leader, Zorro's old mate

The Commandos-The former evil mob of the Kalari. However, they sided off.

Episode One:The Rise of a New LeaderEdit

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