== Episode 1 "The New Kats in the Manor"== One early morning in the Manor finds 11 meerkats The new mob just formed a year ago in January. The mob has been named the Willow Mob. It's a normal sunny April day. Maria leads the mob out to forage. Now that it has been known that Maria is the Dominant female she needs to be radio collared. Abigail the only nonrelated female goes also. Maria's pups are Sara and Kiara but their five months old now. Abigail looks slightly plump it's obvious she's pregnant.

The mob goes on a hunting trip. John and Caleb go on Sentry Duty.

Caleb spots a large lion. He sounds the alarm he and Caleb run into a bolt hole. Maria goes into a bolt hole with, Tara,Sara, Buddy, Timothy, Hazel, Coco and Abigail.

A few minutes later Timothy pokes out his head to see if the lion was still there. He was gone. Timothy made the alarm that the lion was gone. Everyone started to get out of the bolt holes. The Willows started to go back home as the suns ets the Willows return to the burrow.

Caleb and John on sentry duty

Caleb and John on sentry duty.