I am done making this season 1 of Meerkat Diaries. I just ended season 1 with the season 1 ep finale Roving Trip. I am going to think and work on making Meerkat Diaries Season 2.

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Johnny 13Edit

Kitty [The Dominant Female]

Danny [The New Dominant Male]

Jane [The Caring Babysitter]

Terri [The Kind Sold]

Dani [The Outsider]


Maddie [The Deadly Rival Leader]

Johnny[Maddie's New Mate]


A Family Struggle Edit

This morning the Johnny 13 mob just got up and began sunning themselves.Dani an evicted female just got up close by but she is alone without a mob.She got evicted for having pups 2 weeks ago.Now she must make a choice try to rejoin the group or stay alone and die.Meanwhile the dominant pair Kitty and Johnny decides the group has warmed it self up enough to go out looking for food and the Johnny 13 goes out to look for food.Dani follows them but Kitty sees her and chases her away.Dani gives up and goes her way.Danny a rover that came to the Johnny 13 mob decides to try to take dominace from Johnny and attacks him but Johnny is bigger and he sinks his teeth into Danny's head.Danny however doesn't give up yet.Danny strikes Johnny and bites into his ear. Johnny in pain bites Danny on the tail and forehead and puts him in his place.

Meanwhile at a bolthole Jenny is babysitting Kitty's first litter Ash,Bindi,Kite and Mickey.
Misty with Kitty's First Litter

Misty babysitting Kitty's pups

Meanwhile Kitty digs out a scorpion then she quickly bites of the stinger and eats it whole.The johnny 13 then decide to go home to take care of the pups.When to Johnny 13 get home kitty goes down the bolthole Jenny was babysitting the pups to take care of them.At last everybody is safe but they are all tired.Dani quickly comes up to Kitty the dominant female to tell how sorry she is.

Kitty then allows Dani back into the group.But unknown to them the Ember mob have been sleeping in their range.Maddie and Marvin the dominant pair of the Ember Mob have been scent marking the area.Suddenly they see the Johnny 13 and began to war dance towards them.The Johnny 13 with only a small mob are forced to retreat taking their pups with them.Dani takes care of them while Sizzy is on gurad for enemies.Kat plays with the pups.Johnny grooms Kitty to show her his worth and she calms down,meanwhile one of the pups Lady Day moves off but an call comes out and the mob looks up and sees a hawk and quickly go into the bolthole taking the pups with them but one pup gets left behind.Kite is left behind and with a hawk dive bombing Sizzy saves Kite just in time.The whole family is in the bolt hole together again.

Next Time on Meerkat Diaries: Danny becomes the dominant male of the Johnny 13.

A New Dominant MaleEdit

Danny Embers

Danny the new dominant male

This morning the wild group group called the Johnny 13 gets up to warm their tiny bodies in the morning sun.They are not used to humans being around them so each time researchers try to come close the mob moves away 500 ft.This morning is about to be different because the Ember mob has been sleeping in parts of the Johnny 13's range.The Johnny 13 doesn't know that the Embers Mob is taking over parts of their range and they may soon encounter eachother.This year a unusual drought has emegred and the Johnny 13 are having a hard time looking for breakfast.Dani evicted from the group days ago starts to dig for insects but finds nothing but ants.If Dani's going to live she will have to make her own group or die.Meanwhile Johnny digs deep and finds a large scorpion and quickly bites of it's tail.Johnny then tries to gobble down the scorpion but Danny comes in and fights him for his hard-earned prize and takes the prize away and eats in in peace.Meanwhile Terri is babysitting the pups back at the bolthole.Suddenly a sandstorm hits and she is forced to take shelter with the pups.Dani now alone without the warmth of the group she hides in a bolt hole to wait out the storm.When the storm clears the Johnny 13 returns home and terri is happy to be revived of her duties.The group is happy to be one again.

The group begins to go to sleep in the bolt hole.Next morning the Johnny 13 gets up to warm their tiny bodies.Danny is the first one to get his body warm enough.Danny suddenly attacks Johnny.Johnny won't let Danny become dominant easily so Johnny fights back.Johnny fights Danny and bites him on the leg ,Danny in pain however bites at Johnny's neck and fight for 3 minutes until there is a winner.Danny comes out as the winner while Johnny defeated walks of to babysit the pups. At last Danny has become dominant alongside Kitty the dominant female .As the group moves off the look for

Next Time on Meerkat Diaries Johnny 13 the pups go on their first trip from the

A Trip From the Burrow</u>Edit

The Johnny 13 are already up and getting warm.Danny now a dominant male scent marks all the males to show them that he's

boss.The film crew are trying to get this wild meerkat group used to people filming them.Kitty the one with the radio collar is the dominant female of the Johnny 13 while her new parnter Danny is the doinant male.When Danny fought johnny for dominance he fought hard and he won dominace.Now he is going to have groom her to keep him on her good side.Johnny isthe last one up.The pups are up so the group goes out to foraging trip. For the pups Ash,Bindi and Mickey this is going to be their first foraging trip from the den where they were born.The group goes out foraging.They are going to a part of their range that is greener and higher in life which means more food for the pups.Jane the helper sees Ash trying to find a meal but she is too young
Kat and Lady Day

Jane(Kat) helping Ash (Lady Day)

and Jane gives her a fat white grub to eat.Danny finds a scorpion and bites of the tail first then gobbles it down.Johnny finds a large white grub and gobbles it down.Mean while Ash a female pup is trying to take a large grub that Kitty(her mother) just caught.She fights long and hard for the grub and Kitty lets go of it.Ash has the large grub all to her self.Mean while Danny senseing that wild female Kitty is going to be ready to mate again is going to be watching her closely to make sure that the other males don't mate with her from this group and the Embers. Meanwhile Terri is Mickey's helper.Bindi and Kite are given food by

Grace and Mickey

Terri babysitting Mickey

Johnny.The reason the pups are being taken care of is that they were born to Kitty and Johnny the dominant pair before Danny deposed Johnny.The pups will soon be grown ups and they will have to do their share of the work. But for now as pups they are getting the best treatment they ever got.Mickey the largest pup tries to take kite's grub but fails.With all the members full inculding the pups.The Johnny 13 goes back home to do the days work.After they get home Bindi and Kite are play fighting.Meerkats do this because they may one day be in a fight for their lives.Kitty senses that there is something close by that is
Bindi and Kite

Bindi and Kite with Misty


Kitty goes down into the bolt-hole to find out what in is.She finds out it's a 6 foot long Cape Cobra.A snake this size can kill a meerkat.The Johnny 13 bunch together to tell the snake it's been found. The cobra wanting poised to defend it self strikes but misses.Kitty heads to the front to try to kill the snake.Kitty bites the snake on the head and lets go before the snake had a chance to strike.The whole mob joins in attacking this dangerous threat to the pups.Jane carries all the pups to a safe place.The snake slowly dies and the group went on with their jobs.For the afternoon Danny is scent-marking Kitty the dominant female to tell other males to stay away. Meanwhile Mickey,Kite,Bindi and Ash are chasing eachother and rough housing it. Danny is watching for other males from other groups to chase them off. Danny is grooming Kitty to keep on her good side and show her his worth. Kitty grooms Danny also to pay back the favor. Suddenly A hawk is spotted and the Johnny 13 dashed for cover.Kite is too slow and to make matters worse for this tiny pup is that all his litter mats have been carried to safety and he is in the open.The Hawk suddenly dive bombs at Kite and takes him off to a tree to eat.After the danger has passed the Johnny 13 get out of the bolt hole and start looking for Kite but they find out that he fell prey to a hawk.His littermates Ash,Bindi and Mickey however may grow up to be dominants of their own group. With the death of Kite the smallest pup in Kitty's litter of four.The group will is at a greater risk to losing their range to rivals. As the mob go into the sleeping chamber to sleep for the night th

Next Time on Meerkat Diaries: The Johnny 13 get get some good luck when a rover from the embers mates with Kitty.And males Kenny and Johnny take to roving at the Embers Mob.

A Family ProblemEdit

It's morning and the Johnny 13 are getting up to warm themselves to start the day's work.Danny is the first one up followed by Kitty getting up after him.The rest of the meerkats then wake up.The burrow needs some tidying so the meerkats quickly get to work on cleaning the burrow.After the burrow us cleaned up the mob goes foraging for breakfast taking the pups Ash,Bindi and Mickey with them.The group goes out and begins digging into the sand for tasty treats.The pups beg for a large scorpion found by Kitty.Bindi runs up to Kitty and begs for the scorpion but another helper Misty gives a large grub to her.Mickey and Ash get a nice juicy scorpion from Johnny..Kenny digs deep and finds a very large scorpion and bites the tail off first then tries to gobble it down but Mickey the largest pup comes in and takes his prize and takes it somewhere to eat.Kenny finds another meal since Mickey is one of Kitty's pups nobody does nothing to stop him.The Johnny 13 are full and go home to do the day's work.When they return home they quickly start tidying up the burrow , scent-marking and grooming eachother for bonding.Johnny and Kenny however want to go in search of females to mate with so they start to rove.

Meanwhile the rest of the group is at the burrow grooming and`fixing the place up.At the Embers Maddie and her group are also grooming eachother and tidying the home up.Kenny and Johnny in search of females to mate with spot her.If one of them could mate with Maddie one of them could become the dominant male alongside her and depose Java.Johnny is the first one to move closer and closer until he is face to face with Maddie.Once with Maddie he takes her to a place out of sight of the Embers. Johnny mates with Maddie and she goes along with it because she needs a unrelated male by her side to make litters.After he mated with her Johnny stays by her side w and they return to the Embers.Meanwhile Kenny finds Bubbles and tries to mate with her but is seen by the entire group and is chased off while Johnny with Maddie return to the group.AJ sees Johnny and tries to chase him off but Johnny won't give up easliy.He came this far so he is fighting hard.AJ is slowly overpowered by Johnny.Johnny now the new dominant male begins scent-marking Maddie and the other members to make sure he's boss.AJ is now at the mercy of Johnny moves away.

Maddie is left with a gift a litter of pups will soon be on the way thanks to Johnny. At the Johnny 13 the meerkats are resting in the shade.It's Lance again trying to find females to mate with.Danny however begins to scent-marking to tell Lance to stay away but the rover doesn't give up. He finds Terri alone and begins to follow her.Terri however tries to lose him knowning she may get evicted for having pups.But Lance wins and Terri mates with him.After mating with him Danny then quickly chases Lance away but the rover has done his work. Terri now pregnant with Lance's pups will need to stay out of sight of Kitty now that she's pregnant.Kenny returns to the group having been chased away and tired rests with the group as the sun goes down.The next morning the Johnny 13 are already up and about.The pups Ash,Bindi and Mickey are going to stay at the burrow today with Jenny who is going to babysit them.Meanwhile at the Embers Johnny is grooming Maddie to prove his worth.Maddie now with Johnny by her side the Embers could grow bigger and stronger.At the Johnny 13 babysitting burrow the pups Ash and Bindi are deep undergroud playing.Meanwhile the Embers are about to expand their range by trying to takeover Johnny 13's range which means bad news.Jenny at the bolt-hole getting tired of babysittting takes a short nap.But that is a grave mistake because the Embers are already in the Johnny 13's range.Suddenly Jenny wakes up and goes deep into the burrow with the pups.The Embers found the burrow and Maddie goes into the burrow to find and kill the pups.Jenny with Kitty's pups go deeper into the bolt hole but it's only a matter of time before Maddie finds her with the pups.Maddie finds her and bites her and drags her out of the burrow where she is beaten up by a group of Embers males.Now it's the pups vs Maddie.If she kills the pups the Johnny 13 will have 3 lees meerkats.Suddenly Maddie grabs Mickey and carried him off. ButThe Johnny 13 return and see the Ember ruining the range and Maddie lets go of Mickey and Mary carries him back to the burrow.The Johnny 13 and the Embers are in a fight so the pups are in a safe place.Maddie and Johnny are attacked by the Johnny 13 and the Embers move back into their range.At least the Johnny 13 won.Kitty and Danny settle down for grooming while Terri takes care of the pups.With a close call the Johnny 13 will have to be more careful.

Next Time On Meerkat Diaries: Mary has a hard time babysitting the pups when Bindi goes off and a rover turns up and the Johnny 13

The Good The Bad and the MeanEdit

This morning The Johnny 13 are already up sunning themselves to get ready to do the day's work.But the pups are stiil under ground and are going to stay undergroup because today it's Mary's turn to babysit them.The rest of the Johnny 13 move off to go in search of breakfast but Kenny only has roving on his mind so he's going to rove at the Embers again but he needs to be more careful and so he goes to the Embers to find some females he could mate with.Meanwhile at the Embers Maddie is being groomed by almost everyone in the group.Johnny to dominant male sees Kenny roving and goes after him and Kenny is chased off.Meanwhile Mary is babysitting the pups Ash,Bindi and Mickey.At the Embers Johnny is grooming Maddie to ease some stress off of her.Meanwhile the Johnny 13 are finding tasty bugs to eat.Terri finds a millipede and rolls it on the sand to get the rid of the poison.It works and she gobbles it down.Jenny finds a small frog that could keep her full for the day.The Johnny 13 now full go back home to do the day's work.Once they are home they quickly start cleaning and expanding the burrow.Mary is still babysitting the pups as she really cares for them.Meanwhile Terri is asserting dominance over Jenny by attacking her.Jenny just been attacked by a subordinate female.Kitty and Danny don't even get their hands dirty while Kenny out roving again sees the Cobras and their dominant female Tamsin and her mate Indiana Jones the dominant male.He moves closer to the dominant female.Once he is face to face with her he mates with her after he's done he gets out of there.Terri now calm but doesn't feel safe.She is likely to give birth to her pups in 2 months.

The Embers are sitting and resting in the shade on the dry riverbed.Johnny the dominant male is scent-marking and grooming Maddie.Maddie is being groomed by most of the group but AJ is staying away from Johnny.Since being over-thrown he's staying as far away from the group as he can.As it goes deeper into the dry season resorces are going be harder to find.At the Johnny 13, Mickey and Bindi still pups decide to explore the outside world.Mary who now can't see the 2 pups tries the find them.The 2 pups still explore but unknown to them a hawk is flying high above them.If the hawk spots them on of them will likey be picked off.The hawk sees them and aims at them dead on.But with some good luck Kitty and Terri come to the rescue and Mickey and Bindi are saved.At the burrow Mickey,Bindi and Ash are playful tagging and play fighting with eachother.Being a small group the Johnny 13 needs to be very careful and every litter of pups counts.The pups are being nursed by Mary who is very tired.It's been a long day and the family goes down to sleep.

Next morning the most of the meerkats are up but Kitty and Danny are still asleep.Danny and Kitty fianlly get up out of the burrow.

Next Time on Meerkat Diaries:Sean turns up at the Johnny 13 to find some females to mate with and gets chased away.Also

Rover Trouble Edit

This afternoon the Johnny 13 are resting in the shade after looking for food all morning.Kitty the dominant female with her mate Danny and the rest of the group are grooming eachother.After they have rested they head back home.The pups are playful tagging eachother.Mickey finds a large branch and tries to climb it but falls.But Mickey doesn't give up easily. At the Embers Maddie had just given birth to four pups. Maddie's pups will need to be cared for by the whole group if

they are to survive to adulthood.Meanwhile the Johnny 13 are back home and very tired and takes a catnap.At the Embers Johnny is keeping Maddie in his sights to gurad her from roving males.Suddenly Lance comes to find females to mate with and sneaks up more.Johnny is now scent-marking the dirt to tell Lance to go away but Lance comes closer to find some females.Lance finds a burrow and goes in hoping to find some females to mate with.But Lance finds Maddie the dominant female and gets chased away by her with the help of Johnny her mate.Bubbles now a year old is babysitting Diana's last litter before she was overthrown and died.The Embers are still babysitting Diana's last pups.Meanwhile Johnny is keeping Maddie in his sights to keep roving males at bay.Johnny is now grooming Maddie and the other group members.Meanwhile the Johnny 13 are awake from their cat-nap.Sizzy and Danny are watching for hawks and other animals that eat meerkats while rest of the group is grooming eachother.Kitty is keeping a eye on Terri because only the dominant female has the right to breed.Terri could soon be evicted from the group for having pups.
Peter Embers

Sizzy on lookout

It's now getting dark and the Johnny 13 are going down to sleep for the night.The next morning the Johnny 13 are up early sunning themselves.After warming up, the group goes in search of breakfast but Kenny won't be foraging today.It's his turn to babysit the pups Mickey,Ash and Bindi.Meanwhile the rest of the group is out foraging on the dry riverbed looking for food.Sizzy is on lookout for hawks,snakes,foxes and jackals.Meanwhile Kenny is watching the the pups closely to make sure they are kept safe but Kenny decides to take them out foraging instaed.Meanwhile the rest of the group is still looking for food.Danny has been grooming Kitty a lot and guarding his mate from his younger haif brother Sizzy lately.At the Embers , the dominant female Maddie has just given birth to four pups.Bubbles and Pickles are likey to babysit the litter when the pups first come out of the birth burrow.It's now the afternoon and the Johnny 13 are full from a morning of finding food.Every meerkat is grooming eachother in the shade.As it get deeper into the dry season the meerkats are going to have to work harder.Sizzy and the other males are resting in the shade.It is now night and the Johnny 13 are going to bed in the sleeping burrow.

Next Time on Meerkat Diaries: The Johnny 13 move burrows and fight the Embers.Also Kitty evicts Jenny , Terri and Mary.

A New Day Edit

The Johnny 13 are getting up to sun themselves as they always do.Terri's new pups come out of the birth burrow for the first time to go foraging with the adults and Kitty's first litter of pups , Mickey , Ash and Bindi.Everyone is going out foraging today and the group is gone out foraging with Terri's pups lagging behind.Mickey, Ash and Bindi are now four months old but they are no longer the pups of the group.Mary finds a large white grub and gives it to Karla one of Terri's pups.Her other litter mate sister Leslie also gets food.Kitty finds a large beetle and eats it in one sitting and Jenny is eating a grub all by herself.After an hour foraging , the group goes back to the burrow but Kitty decided to move to aq new burrow.The group heads off in search of a new burrow to use meanwhile at the Embers Bubbles is looking after the pups.Sizzy sees the Embers burrow and the Johnny 13 war dances towards the Bubbles. Bubbles runs deep into the burrow with the pups.Kitty the dominant female pushes to the front and goes into the burrow to find the pups.In darkness Kitty uses her secne of smell to find the pups.Bubbles is alone with the pups deep into the birth burrow trying to find a safe place but it's only a matter of time until they are found.Kitty smelling the scent of pups follows it to it's sorce.Kitty found Bubbles and attacks her trying to drag her out of the way.Meanwhile above ground The Embers came back after a hour of foraging finding the Johnny 13 attacking the breeding burrow.The Embers react by war dancing towards the rest of the group.The rest of the group war dance toward them.Maddie is attacked by a whole bunch of meerkats along with Johnny then they try to dig out the pups.Maddie will not let that happen easliy so the group goes after then.Meanwhile underground Bubbles is fighting for her life and for the pups life as Kitty made slashs on her to try to drag her out or the burrow to get at the pups.

Kitty finally has a grip on Bubbles and drags her out of the burrow but Bubbles with Pickles goes back into the burrow to get the pups. Bubbles carried out a pups first then Pickles went out of the burrow with another pup.That leaves only two pups under ground.Kitty gets at one of the pups a carries it out and bites it in the head hard killing the pup.Kitty then goes back into the burrow and kills another pup and gets out of the burrow and charges along with the rest of the Johnny 13 at the Embers. The Embers retreat from the area. The group has a new burrow and they quickly start scent-marking it to tell other groups to keep away. It's now almost dark and most of the group goes of to sleep. Two weeks later while out foraging Kitty attacks Jenny and evicts her along with Mary Pat. The two evicted females are going have to work together if they are to live. Kenny and Peter are on sentry duty to watch for hawks and snakes. Kitty has been eat alot because she is going to have a new litter soon.

Next Time on Meerkat Diaries: Kitty gives birth to a new litter of pups.

The New Litter Edit

It's been two weeks since the Johnny 13 had an encounter with the Embers. Kitty is going to give birth to her new pups soon enough. Mary Pat is keeping watch over Terri's pups, Patrica, Big Ed, Kai and Gacy while Jenny is grooming Kenny. Sizzy is keeping watch over the entire group while Danny is keeping watch over the group and his mate, Kitty. Unknown to the group, a Puff Adder had shlithered itself into the burrow taking shelter in it. It's now suset so the group goes down but Kitty smells that a snake is in the burrow. Kitty goes further down into the burrow with the rest of the group behind her to face the snake. The threat is a Puff Adder, a viper who's bite can kill a human in hours . The group face the snake as it's getting ready to strike. The Puff Adder now very angry strikes but the group moves out of it's striking range. The group move out of the burrow and takes shelter in a burrow close by. The group will stay her until morning and Kitty has a long night of giving birth.

The next morning the group gets up and gets out of the burrow but Kitty is moving. She has given birth to four brand new pups. The group will have to stay here for a few weeks because the new pups aren't strong enough to go out of their own yet. So the rest of the group scent-marking the burrow and the land around them to tell rivals to keep away. The snake the group has moved away from last night has been slow to get up and out of the burrow near by. Lucky for the Johnny 13, they won't be losing their lives. A fight between a puff adder and meerkats could go any way but this time everybody wins. Jenny is watching for rivals gangs and birds of prey along with Kenny. Though too young,Mickey, Ash and Bindi are listening to the other meerkats because they are going to have to use these skills as adults. Kitty has now gotten up and most of the group is foraging but Mary and Terri are staying behind to laticte Kitty's pups. Terri and Mary are going to go into the burrow to let the pups suckle on them. At the Embers, Bubbles and her sister are babysitting the two pups while the rest of the group is out looking for food. Kenny is taking sentry duty to watch out for predators. You see, meerkats have a lot of predators due to their small size. Meerkat pups have even more predators due to their small size than the adults as one in four pups won't make it.

At the Embers, Bubbles is on the watch babysitting the pups along with her sister Patty. Johnny the dominant male doing what all male meerkats do, scent - marking their territory to warn other meerkat groups to keep away. Maddie, Johnny's mate is eating a large millipede after she got rid of the poison. But in the air a bird of prey soars about looking for prey like snakes, small animals and meerkats to swoop down upon and fly off with, so the Embers are going to have to watch out. But the hawk spots a puff adder close in the Johnny 13's territory, the same one the Johnny 13 encountered. The bird of prey sees it and swoops down at it. The puff adder is loaded with venom that can destory tissue and damage blood. The bird of prey grabs the puff adder in it's claws after it kills it which means in can enjoy a hard earned meal.

It's now the afternoon and the Johnny 13 are at rest, but Kenny wants to rove in search of females. But there are females to mate with right now so he we just have to wait. Meerkats live in family groups because they need one member on sentry duty to warn them for predators. Danny, the dominant male and Kitty's mate comes to groom her and allows it. Soon it will be sunset. The blazing hot sun makes animals find the nearest shade they can. The group then goes underground to see Mary and Terri still babysitting the pups. Jenny then takes over the job, reliving them of the duty. Later it's sunset and the whole group goes under ground to sleep. Three weeks later, Kitty's new pups are ready to go foraging with the group for the first time. The pups are going with Terri and Jenny. Ash, Mickey and Bindi are growing up fast and are learning.

Next time on Meerkat Diaries: The Johnny 13 have an encounter with the Nightshade.

A New Rival.Edit

The Johnny 13 have already gotten up and eaten and moved to a different burrow. Meanwhile at the Embers Patty given birth to three pups. Having pups is the right of the dominant female. If Maddie finds Patty's pups, she may very well kill them and evict Patty from the group. At the Johnny 13, Kenny and Sizzy are taking sentry while Jenny and Terri are babysitting Kitty's new pups, Tyler, Caylee, Mabelle and Copper. With each new litter the group will keep getting bigger. The more members a meerkat group has the more helpers it has. Mickey and Ash are still playfighting while Bindi moves to someplace else. A Yellow Mongoose is foraging for food unaware that Bindi sees it. Bindi is very curious and comes closer. Soon Bindi is face to face with it. Still very curious she then tries to play with it but the Mongoose chases her away. She than loses interest it and moves back to the group.

The Johnny 13 with more members needs a bigger territory so they go on a burrow raid. Meanwhile a group called Nightshade are sunning themselves. The Johnny 13 now war-dance towards the Nightshade. Austin who is on sentry sees them. He gives off an alarm call to tell them the Johnny 13 is coming. The Nightshade now knows the Johnny 13 is coming so they flee. But Dani and Jane goes down into the burrow to get the pups out of there. The war-dancing Johnny 13 comes closer until finally they fight. The Nightshade being a small group are forced to retreat. The Johnny 13 now have some of the Nightshade's territory. The group begins scent-marking the ground to tell the Nightshade and other groups that this is now their territory. Mabelle and Copper are play-fighting with Ash and Bindi. Meanwhile the Nightshade while having lost this battle for territory they may win next time. It's now the afternoon and the Johnny 13 are resting in the shade. Meanwhile rovers Lance and Sammy show up in hope of getting to mate females. Lance sees Terri and moves closer but Danny and Kenny see Lance and chase him while Sammy gets close to Kitty and mates with her. The males Kenny and Danny see him and chase Sammy away but Sammy's already mated with her. It's getting dark and the group goes under for the night.

Next Time on Meerkat Diaries: Kenny and Sizzy go roving.

Roving TripEdit

It's morning and the Johnny 13 is just getting up to sun themselves so they could have enough energy to go out to look for food. Kitty's new litter Tyler, Caylee, Mabelle and Copper are now five months old now. Now Kitty's getting pregnant again and is soon going to have a new litter in the group. Now that the group is warmed they go out to forage for food. Kenny and Sizzy go on sentry duty to watch for danger incase they have to warn the group while the rest of the group countines to forage. After they are done foraging the group settles down but Kenny and Sizzy are about to go roving for females to mate with.

The Johnny 13 have seen a Martial Eagle so they go back into the burrow. The Martial Eagle preys on meerkats, baboons and other small animals so the Johnny 13 have good reason to fear. The eagle keeps soaring around the burrow for a couple of minutes than moves off. Kitty than comes out to see if it;s safe. It's seems safe so the rest of the group comes out but Kenny and Sizzy are in a different burrow. Kenny and Sizzy come out of the burrow not to go back to the group but to rove so they first try the Nightshade. Kenny and Sizzy see the group so they sneak as close as they can. Sizzy goes for Kat while Kenny goes for Dani but the group sees both on them and chase them off. But Kenny and Sizzy are not giving up so they keep going roving. Meanwhile the Johnny 13 are out foraging again with Kitty eating a lot of food since she us going to have pups again. Terri is on sentry duty but Kenny and Sizzy are still roving so everyone left in the group will have to take turns but Kitty's latest litter. Kenny and Sizzy are now seeing a group called the Cobras. If they could mate with the females there then those females could have their children. Kenny and Sizzy spot Sonya, Buttercup and Jabba and only one male most of the males were roving. Kenny goes for Sonya while Sizzy goes for Buttercup. Kenny gets close enough to Sonya so he grooms her first than mates with her while Sizzy mates with Buttercup. Soon after they're done mating with the females Sizzy and Kenny go back to the Johnny 13 while the females go back to their group.

It's been a long day so by the time Kenny and Sizzy make it back it's almost nightfall and most of the group is underground in the sleeping burrow so they go under for the night as well. 2 weeks later Mickey, Bindi and Lady Day have became sub-adult meerkats along with Terri's litter. The future of the Johnny 13 may be very bright after all.

Next Time On Meerkat Diaries: With Lady Day, Mickey and Bindi almost adults and the group growing what will the future of the group be like. Find out in the next season of Meerkat Diaries.