These are the actors and actress of Meerkat Clans.


Luna: The mob's leader who has lead the Eclipse for two years. She is tough, Luna keeps breeding rights to herself. However, she is a caring mother who has had eight litters. Played by Luna Eclipse.

Comet: Is Luna's mate and second in command. He rarely leaves Luna's side, and he was formerly the cassovona. Played by Comet Eclipse.

Shona: Is Luna's sister. She is a rebel, trying I overthrow her sister many times and mating with rovers. She is Aqua's mother and a great babysitter. Played by Hazel Eclipse. Stand in: Jonna.

Aqua: Is Shona's oldest daughter. She is very caring and the babysitter of the group. She is sort of a rebel, like her mother, mating with rivers and having pups. She gets evicted and is too shy to rejoin most times. Played by:Bella Eclipse. Stand In: Jewl.

Flame: Is Luna's oldest son. He is another big time rover but is the group's super sentry. Played by Flame Eclipse.

Bone: Is another one of the groups troublemakers. He is also a rover and causes trouble for the mob.Played by Shadow Eclipse.

Julie: Is Luna's daughter. Another babysitter.Played by Jewl Eclipse and Janie Eclipse.

Bolt: Is a teenager who is very adventures and pup like. Played by Lighting Bolt.

Blue: Is Luna's youngest pup. She is small for her age. Played by Blue Eclipse.

Chaser: Is Luna's oldest pup of the litter. He is very bossy.Played by Chaser Eclipse.

Lady: Is another one of Luna's pups.Played by Courtny Eclipse.


River: Is the leader of the group.Played by Puppy Birds.

Izit: Was the Eclipse's former dominant male and Comet's brother. [[Played by Izit Eclipse.

Ateana: Is River's eldest daughter, three years old. Despite her age and size, she is very strong and viscous. Played by Maybelle Birds. Stand in: Lady Eagle.

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