Meerkat City is a TV series about meerkats that shows on the channel ABC. The main group is the Wildlife Mob. The first season aired in 2007


Season 1- filmed during August 2006-April 2007, aired June 2007

Season 2- filmed during August 2007-April 2008, aired June 2008

Season 3- filmed during August 2008-April 2009, aired June 2009

Season 4- filmed during August 2009-April 2010, aired June 2010

Mobs Edit

Wildlife Mob(season 1-3)Edit

The main mob on Meerkat City, the mob is led by dominant female Grizzle and domiant male Polar.

FireWorks Mob(1-2)Edit

The Wildlife Mob main

BlueSky Mob(1-3)Edit

A mob that formed during season 1, by WIldlife male Union and Fireworks' females Blue-Eye and One-Ear.

Larry's Mob(2-3)Edit

A group of three males that rove at each group, trying to mate with female. The group is led by Larry, the other two members are Moe and Lenny.