McGirky Moomins

McGirky Moomins

Yes of the Gangsters
Date of Birth
November 2008
Frida and unknown
Whitson, Lyda Teapot, Grubby and Beezelle
Johnny Gat, Aisha, Pierce, Shaundi, Josh, Oleg, Angel, Kinzie, Zimos and The Protagonist, etc..etc...
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Gangsters


McGirky(VMMM053) was born on November 21, 2008 in the Moomins to suborinate female Frida. His litter-mates were his one sister Lydia Teapot(VMMF055) and three brothers Beezelle(VMMM054), Gruppy(VMMM056) and Whitson(VMMM057). In April, dominant female Grumpy lost dominances to McGirky's aunt Hemulen. McGirky's litter was the pups of the group for 6 months, before his grandmother Grumpy gave birth to a litter of 6 pups in May. A month later, Grumpy died. Shortly after that Hemulen evicted McGirky's mother Frida. McGirky's litter all survived to their first birthday. In December Hemulen gave birth to 5 pups. TB soon hit the group, killing the dominant male of the Moomins. Then in March, dominant female Hemulen died and Blist took over as the new dominant female. MrGirky remained in the Moomins untill October 2010 when he, Whitson, Titus, Zachery and Malvin came across three Baobab females while out roving.


The males lured the three evicted Baobab females away from their mob and founded  the Gangsters. From the start She-Ra took up female dominance. McGirky became the dominant male and took She-Ra as his mate. They soon started to produce litters. The other males didn't challange McGirky for dominance. In August 2011 Whitson, Titus, Zachery and Malvin  left the group leaving McGirky as the only adult male in the group. If large group of rovers visited group, McGirky could have been kicked out of the mob and lost his dominant position, however no unrelated rovers visited the mob tried to dethrone him. In December 2011, McGirky's two eldest sons from his and She-Ra's first litter finally reach adulthood and started to help him see off rovers. Soon the Gangsters grew in numbers to one of the biggest mobs around. McGirky is still the dominant male of the Gangsters today.


Moomins Mob

Gangsters Mob

Frida Moomins

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