McDreamy Kung Fu


Yes of the Ewoks
Date of Birth
January 28, 2008
Benzedrine and Clinton Baptiste
Eliot, Bauer, Woolf, VKUP003 and VKUP007
Dark Vader, Luke, Yoda, Laila, Lorax, Truffula, Thneed and Bar-Ba-Loot... etc...etc...
Known For
First dominant female of the Ewoks

Kung FuEdit

McDreamy(VKUF005) was born in the Kung Fu Mob on January 28, 2008. Her mother was Benzedrine and her father was Clinton Baptiste, a Frisky male. McDreamy was born in a litter of six, her litter-mates were VKUP003, Eliot(VKUM004), Bauer(VKUM006), VKUP007 and Woolf(VKUM008). The pups survived their first four weeks and started foraging with the adults. Sadly soon after this both VKUP003 and VKUP007 were predated. Shortly after, McDreamy's father Clinton Baptiste disappeared with another male leaving the Kung Fu dominant male position to a Whiskers male named Ningaloo. McDreamy and her remaing brothers survived to adulthood. Benzedrine was evicted by the dominant some time later and formed the Sequoia. McDreamy was now the oldest subordinate female and next in line to take dominance. In February 2009, both McDreamy was pregnant, probably after mating with some Whisker rovers, however McDreamy aborted her litter. McDreamy stayed in the Kung Fu for another year, then in August 2010 she and some other females were evicted and formed a new group.


McDreamy and her cousins  had teamed up with from rovers from the Rascals and Colombians to form the Ewoks Mob. Being the oldest, McDreamy easily won female dominance over the group. A month later a Rascal male named Tigi established dominance and becam,e McDreamy's mate. She soon became pregnant and gave birth to a litter of four pups in November. McDreamy soon became pregnant again and gave birth to Lorax, Truffula, Thneed and Bar-Ba-Loot in February 2011. During the dry winter months no pups were born in the Ewoks till the rainy season came again. McDreamy gave birth to a singal female pup named Merida in September 2011. By December McDreamy was pregnant again and this time she evicted her cousin Dragon's Fist, Pai Mei, Eagle's Claw and Princessco from the group. The female left the Ewoks for good and with McDreamy's rivals gone, her dominance was left unchallenged. However she lost her best babysitters. By then her eldest pups were not a year old. and could help out with babysitting. In February 2012 McDreamy gave birth to Rahul, Sachin and Mahi. Her pups from her second litter had also reach adulthood and could now help out with caring for the pups. In September 2012 McDreamy gave birth to VEKP015, VEKP016 and VEKP017. So far only McDreamy had been able to produce successful litters in the Ewoks. McDreamy is still alive as the dominant female of the Ewoks today.


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