The Bikini Bottom Mob in mid 2005

May (Middle) Pregnant

May Topaz (VTF003) was the first dominant female of the Bikini Bottom Mob. She was born on March 31, 2002 in the Topaz Mob. She had two litter-mates April (VTF004) and Granny (VTF005). April was predated at five weeks old. Her parents were the very first dominant couple of the Topaz Mob, Ruby and JR. On September 15 2002, May's father was also predated. May spent her early life helping her mother and simply being a subordinate female. In May of 2004 she gave birth to her first litter. In early 2005 when her mother evicted her along with her two sisters (Granny and Pam) her life would change forever. Not only that but both Granny and Pam were pregnant.

Bikini Bottom

The three females didn't have males to help out, but they did continue to have successful litters. In early 2007 after almost two years, Granny and Pam were finally evicted and formed their own mob later on. It took a long time for a dominant male to stick around, but it finally happened in December of 2007 when four Rugrat males migrated into the group. In February of 2008, May was leading her family away from their Enemies (the Amerson Mob) after a brutal fight which resulted in her mob losing. While leading her family to safety, she lead them across a road where she was hit by a car. Her niece Siesta became the dominant female after her, and after Siesta died in late 2009, May's daughter Regan became the new (and current) dominant female.

First Litter Born on May 13, 2004, Fathered by Unknown Rover

Apple (VTM017), Galaxy (VTM018), Verizon (VTM019), and Killer (VTM020)

Second Litter Born on July 8, 2005, Fathered by Unknown Rover

Argonaut (VBBM004), Carrie (VBBF004), Damien (VBBM005), Myer (VBBF005), Cujo (VBBM006)

Third Litter Born on September 30, 2005, Mix Litter with Granny

Salem (VBBM007), Nightmare (VBBF006), Blood Rush (VBBM008), Psycho (VBBF007), VBBM009, VBBF008, VBBM010, and VBBF009

Fourth Litter Born on January 2, 2006, Fathered by Unknown Rover

Grudge (VBBM011), Checkers (VBBF010), Stripes (VBBF011), and Sweetie (VBBF012)

Fifth Litter Born on May 15, 2006, Mix Litter with Pam

Candyman (VBBM012), Blair (VBBF013), Tremor (VBBM013), Relic (VBBF014), VBBM014, VBBF015, and VBBM015

Sixth Litter Born on February 3, 2008, Fathered by Tommy

Regan (VBBF018), Rosemary (VBBF019), Grinch (VBBM018), and Omen (VBBM019)

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