Maxwell was born in the newly formed Kit Kats Mob.His mother Roseanta was evicted befor Maxwell was born.Maxwell had an older sisster,Dream.Maxwell and Dream surivied to alduthood.Maxwell begam selfish because he was spoild.He would often actack everyone and still there food.Maxwell was very mean.But when Maxwell was two years old,he stoll a scroppian from a pup,and he got very sick.Maxwell had learned his lesson and became very sweet,and was often on the lookout.He babysat with his sister alot.Maxwell begam beging called hero,of every sweet thing he had done.Then Maxwell struggled on finding food.He was once very close to straven.But thanks to his sweet mother,he lived.Then Maxwell wanted to rove at the age of 4 years old.Maxwell mated with one of the unrelted females.Maxwell is still alive and is still the hero.
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