Mau Mau(VHXF001) was a wild meerkats born in a wild mob. Her mother was either the dominant female or a subodrinate female and her father was either the dominant male or a roving male. Her litter-mates remain unknown. Mau Mau stayed in the wild mob for a few years. She was around four years old when she was first seen in December 2007.


She joined two Whisker meerkats and three wild males to form the Hoax Mob. Mau Mau beat Tina Sparkle for the dominant female position. Carrvaggio became the dominant male but then never had any litters with each other. After many months neither Mau Mau or Tina Sparkle produced a litter. With no reason to stay the males started to rove away from the group. Soon only the two females remained and Tina Sparkle was finally pregnant. Then four Balrog males joined the group, Basta became the new dominant male. Tina Sparkle gave birth to Dale and Chip, the first litter in the Haox. Mau Mau soon got pregnant and gave birth on April 28, 2008 to Ivan, Andrew and Katrina. The three pusp survived in the very small mob. Mau Mau gave birth to Roman, Greek, Norse and VHXF011 on March 26, 2009 after she evicted Tina Sparkle. he left the group leave Mau Mau with onyl her adult daughter Katrina under Mau Mau. Months later Mau Mau gave birth to Silly Joe, Mary Jane, Big Bob and Prickly Crust on November 9, 2009. It seemed Mau Mau was just unproductive but she could have litters. The problems must have lied with Carravggio her first mate, since she only was able to have litters with the Balrog male Basta. Carravaggio joined the Polaris but was also very unproductive so the two could never produce a litter together. Mau Mau's daughter Greek also soon gave birth to four pups, the first grandchildren in the Hoax. Mau Mau is still the dominant female of the Hoax today.


Hoax Mob

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