Marico Whiskers


Date of Birth
February 7, 2008
Ella and Homestar Runner
Oriole and Sabota
VJKF019, VJKM020 and VJKF021
Known For
Homestar Runner's son


Marico(VWM126) was born on February 7, 2008 in the Whiskers. His mother was Ella and his father was Homestar Runner. His litter-mates were Oriole(VWF127) and Sabota(VWM128). They survived to adulthood. After the adult males left the group was very small. Marico and his brother Sabota started to rove as adults. They finally left the group with their cousins Nugget and Juno and younger half brother Savuka. The males joined four evicted Commando females and formed a new group.


The new group was called the Troopers. Nugget assumed male dominance with Yara. They started to produce litters. Marico helped babysit and feed the pups food when they started to forage. He was often seen on sentry duty with Nugget. He roved a few times with Juno and Sabota. In late 2010 he roved with Juno at the Frisky. He might have fathered some pups. He left to rove with Juno, Sabota and Savuka.


They joined three evicted Frisky females and formed the Jackalope. Juno and Athena became the dominant pair. Marico remained inthe group as a babysitter sentry guard and a rover. He was seen often on sentry post or babysitting the pups. In late 2011, Juno was bitten by a puff adder that invaded the pup's burrow. Marico was seen carrying one of the pups to safety alongside Athena and Merlot. Juno managed to survived the snake bite but was left very weak, unable to lead so Marico stepped up. Marico established dominance over the group and became the new dominant male. In April 2012, Athena gave birth three pups fathered by Marico. Marico is still the dominant male of the Jackalope today.


Mother: Ella

Father: Homestar Runner

Sister: Oriole

Brother: Sabota

Mate: Athena


Whiskers Mob

Troopers Mob

Sabota Whiskers

Oriole Whiskers

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