Maria Umbra


was born on May 13, 2009 in the Umbra Mob. Her mother was Crystal and her father was Spectra. She was born with four litter-mates, one sister named Banshee(VUBF013) and three brothers named Dread(VUBM011), Olaf(VUBM012) and Hans(VUBM014). A total of five pups in all. The Umbra mob was a good size mob and the pups were well looked after. Maria and her litter-mates survived to their first year. At a year of age, Maria started helping out around the mob by babysitting, taking sentry duties and caring for her mother's pups. Maria also started to be evicted by her mother whenever she was pregnant. Maria managed to stay within the mob. In late 2010, her three older sisters, Wolfgirl, Silver and Danielle were evicted and left the group making Maria and Banshee the oldest females under their mother. Maria is still in the Umbra today.


Umbra Mob

Crystal Sagittarius

Spectra Vexos

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