Maddie Embers

Maddie Embers

Yes of the Embers
Date of Birth
August 16, 2009
Sam and Santa
VEMP024, VEMP025, VEMP026 and VEMP027
Known For
Third Dominant Female of the Embers and over throwing Diana


Maddie(VEMF013) was born on Augsut 16, 2009 in the Embers Mob. Her mother was Sam and her father was Santa, the dominant pair at the time. She was born with her two litter-mates, one sister VEMF011 and Danny(VEMM012). They were Sam's first litter ever and her last. In October her mother lost dominance to Diana who took Sam's status, her mate Santa and her family. This did not go well with Maddie but there was nothing she could do. Her mother died the next month. Maddie and her two litter-mates survived their first few months. Sadly her sister VEMF011 was predated in January 2010. Diana gave birth to her thrid litter in August. She was looking sick and weak. Maddie attacked her and managed to over throw Diana. Maddie had take power of the Embers. She evicted Diana who died of disease. Santa also died of disease so Java took over as the new dominant male. Danny and Peter left the group and formed the Johnny 13 Mob. Java went roving along with Sean at the Cobras. With all the oldest males roving, the ex-dominant mlae of the Johnny 13 named Johnny roved at the Embers. Maddie spotted him and mated with him to insure her status as dominant female. When she returned to the Embers Johhny followed her. Since there were no adult males Johnny joined the group and took dominance and Maddie became his mate. On January 1, 2011 Maddie gave birth to her first litter of four pups, Sookie, VEMP025, God and VEMP027.In February the group had an encounter with the Johnny 13 who was on a burrow raid.Patty and pickles went dow to get the pups but only Sookie and Potato survived.The other two pups, VEMP025 and VEMP027 were killed by the Johnny 13. Maddie still leads the Embers today.


Mother: Sam

Father: Santa

Sister: VEMF011

Brother: Danny

Mate: Johnny


First litter born on January 1, 2011 fathered by Johnny.

Sookie (VEMF024)


Potaoto (VEMM026)



Embers Mob

Johnny Johnny 13

Danny Embers

VEMF011 Embers

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