Mac(VZPM001) was born in a wild mob but he was first seen on March 12, 2000. His parents were unknown and so were his litter-mates. He survived to adulthood and for at least two to three years he remained in his birth mob, keeping sentry, babysitting and roving with other males. Mac went roving in 2000 with six other males. The seven males met up with a four females and formed the Zapper Mob.


Mac was the oldest and took dover as the dominant male with Whintey as the dominant female of the Zapper. Whintey gave birth to her first litter. Mac often was seen on lookout. Mac fathered three of Whintey's litters. Then in 2002, there was a huge group split. Whintey found the other halts and she was challenged by one of the other females. However she won and remained the dominant female. The splinter group's dominant male Mick, who may have been Mac's litter-mate competed with Mac for the right to be the dominant male. Mick won the fight and became the dominant male. Mac remained in the group and started roving He never regained his status as the dominant male again. Sadly, he was killed by a lion in May 12, 2004.


First litter born on June 2000 mothered by Whintey

Second litter born on December 2000 mothered by Whintey

Third litter born on August 2001 mothered by Whintey


Zapper Mob

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