Lyric in December of 2015

Lyric in the December of 2015, a month after her rise to matriarchy.

Lyric in 2016

Lyric on May 22, 2016

Lyric evicting her niece Cupcake

Lyric evicting her niece Cupcake.

Lyric after receiving a fatal bite from a viper

Lyric after being bitten by a Pitt Viper.

Lyric Topaz (VTF023) and was the third dominant female of the Topaz Mob. She was born on December 16, 2006 with two litter mates (Radio and Adam, however Adam passed away before adulthood) to the dominant pair at the time. She was a subordinate for most of her life, often being bullied by her mother Ruby. After her mother's death, Mila became the dominant female. Lyric being the next eldest female was considered a huge threat by the new dominant, and she was often evicted by her sister. She was shown to be a threat on multiple occasions, especially when she fell pregnant to rovers. The first time was in late 2012 and the next time was in 2013 (this time along with her sister Droplet), both of these times Mila killed her pups and evicted her from the group, but she was always allowed back in to raise Mila's pups. Her chance finally came in late 2015, when Mila finally died. Lyric automatically took role as dominant female, even beating her litter mate Radio. Five weeks after becoming dominant female she was shown to be pregnant by the alpha male Sparky. She evicted her sisters Radio and Droplet, who have since formed a small mob, called the Roborovski Mob. On January 24 she gave birth to her first successful litter of seven pups. And once again on April 17, she had another litter of four pups. During early June, three pregnant females in the group (Cupcake, Violet, and Pink) were all evicted from the group. On the morning of July 11 of 2016 she gave birth to two pups. On July 18, 2016, the three evicted females Cupcake, Violet, and Pink were allowed to finally return to the family. On July 25, 2016 Lyric and the other family members were mobbing a Pitt Viper and it striked and bit Lyric in her stomach. She passed away in a Bolt Hole that very night. Cupcake began asserting dominance as soon as Lyric was bit and took the chance to attack her aunt and show that she's the dominant female.

Lyric (Pup)

Lyric when she was a pup.


First Litter born on January 24, 2016, fathered Sparky

Lu Ten (VTM037), Fok Mee (TVF033), Fok U (VTF034), Sokka (VTM038), Jumanji (VTM039), Katara (VTF035), and Blue Man (VTM040).

Second Litter born on April 17, 2016, fathered by Sparky

Pink Mouse (VTM041), Poppins (VTF036), Odysseus (VTM042), and Chrissie Kristen (VTF037)

Third Litter born on July 11, 2016, fathered by Sparky

Cynthia (VTF038) and Bubbles (VTF039)

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