Lulu Lazuli

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Yes of the Eskimos
Date of Birth
September 25, 1998
Ziziphus and Belgarion
Hallen, Fila, Tatyana, Papageno, Elina and Figero
VESP012, VESP013, VESP014 and VESP015
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Eskimos

Lazuli[edit | edit source]

Lulu(VLF022) was born on October 18, 1998 in the Lazuli. Her mother was the dominant female Ziziphus and her father was the dominant male Belgarion. Her litter-mates were Hallen (VLM031), Fila (VLF032), Tatyana (VLF033), Papageno (VLM034), Elina (VLF035) and Figero(VLM037). They survived to adulthood. Ziziphus kept poroducing litters. Lulu started babysitting them when she was a year old. Ziziphus started to evicted females older then Lulu. Soon she and her sister Elina were the oldest females in the group. Ziziphus evicted Lulu and Elina along with other females. The females trailed the group for a few days. Then some Young Ones rovers visited the Lazuli. The females joined the rovers who had hoped to mate with some females. They stayed togather and formed a new group.

Eskimos[edit | edit source]

They formed the Eskimos Mob. Morris was the oldest male by four years. Elina and Lulu were the same age so they fought for dominance. Elina won and became the dominant female. All three females were pregnant. Lulu aborted her litter and ELina's litter was killed by Saka. She gave birth to Tiger, Winnie, VESP003 and Eeyore on Novermber 12, 2000. VESP003 was predated the next month. Elina gave birth to a new litter of pups Micky, Mini, Gooffy, Daisy Duck and Dounald on March 26, 2001. Elina gave birth to Tramp and Lady on July 17, 2001. After this Lulu over threw Elina and became the new dominant female. She got pregnant and gave birth to four pups on November 15, 2001. She evicted her sister sometime later and only allowed her back into the group after she sumbitted. Lulu is still the dominant female today along with Morris as dominant male.

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