Lucky(VWF0066) was born Feb.22,2004 in the Whiskers Mob.He mother was Flower and her father was Youssarain.Her litter mates were Monkulus,Armainta Ditch,Pozzo,and Zarathatru.Lucky grew into an aldut.Her older sister Baddiel gave birth.Lucky's other sister Mozart aborted her litter.After that,Lucky's uncle Zapjod overthrew Youssarian.On May 2004,Flower aborted her litter,so did Mozart.In July,Flower aborted her litter.Flower then gave birth to Hawkeye,Logan,Mitch and Cruise.Mozart gave birth to Tina Sparkle,Sophie,Spud and Sercast.A few weeks later,Baddiel gave birth to Jogou,Malody,and Cahrlie.Lucky started baysiting the pups.A month later,Flower evicted Mozart,and Baddiel.Flower soon gave birth to Popkat,Mach Pichu,Petra,and Ningloo.The group soon split.Lucky was in the bigger half.Supper Furry Animal assumed domince till Baddiel rejoined and took domince from her.Flower's half rentuited.Flower overthrew Baddiel and evicted her.Flower later gave birth to Kim,Flo,Finn an Coulmbus.Lucky babysat them alot.On December 2005,Lucky was pregnant.Her mother evicted her.Lucky luckily found four wild males and three female.They formed a new mob,the Fantasia Mob.

Fantasia MobEdit

Queeni assumed dominace along with John.Lucky was still pregnant.She gave birth to Victoria and VFAM0010.They were born December 29,2005.Lucky babysat them alot.Queeni gave birth to Pammala on Feb.2,2006.Lucky was evicted.She returned two days later.Queeni was pregnant again and evicted Niki.On July 3,2006,Queeni was killed by a bird if prey while pregnant.Niki rejoined.She was the oldest so she assumes domince.She evicted most of the females in the group expt for Lucky,Zoey,Victoria,Chloe,Kinz,Lady Hawk,and Litla.On March 4,2007,Niki disspered.Lucky was the oldest and assumes domince.Some females joined the group.Lucky mated with John.She have birth to Walt,and Roy on July 4,2007.She evicted pregnant Zoey.Zoey returned a week later.On Sepmtemer 10,2007,Lucky gave birth to Mad Hatter,Erin and Mackenzie.Chloe gave birth but Lady Hawk killed he litter.Lady Hawk gave birth to King and Asia.Lucky encores her two months later.On December 18,2007,Lucky gave birth to Anyile,and Kesha.She evicted Victoria and Carma.On Decmeber 29,2007,John died leaving Lucky without a mate.On Jan.6,2008, Kinz gave birth to Daniel.She was not evicted since Lucky had no litter.On Augset 16,2008,Russell joined the group and assumed domince with Lucky.On Nobember 21,2008,Lucky have birth but Pammala killed her litter.On Oct.3,2008,Pamala gave birth to Masoen.Lucky evicted her a month later.Lucky gave birth to Rodrick and Youngerlia on December 10,2008.Lucky evicted Pammala.On Febrauy 4,2009,Mackenzie gave birth to Avana.Lucky allowed her to live but evicted Mackenzie a week later.She returned 4 days later.Lucky gave birth on March 29,2009 to Pagie.Two days later,Victoria gave birth to Yang and a pup that died befor it got a code.Lucky evicted her two months later.She gave birth but Carma killed her litter.On July 10,2009,Lucky was bitten by a Cape Cobra,like her mother.Lucky died on July 13,2009.Lady Hawk assumes domince after her.

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