Loki Drie Doring


Yes of the Warriors
Date of Birth
May 3, 2008
None Yet
Known For
Thor and Mist's brother
Also Known For
Second Dominant Male of the Warriors

Drie DoringEdit

Loki(VDM113) was born in the Drie Doring on May 3, 2008. His mother was Makonkie and father was Osprey. He was born in a litter of 3 pups, his two litter-mates were Mist(VDF025) and Thor(VDM024). He and his siblings all survived to adulthood. They lived as a subordinates in the group. A little more then a year after they were bron Makonkie and Osprey died and Mist and their older cousin Finn MaCool took over as the dominant pair. Thor then overthrew Finn MacCool and took over as dominant male but a few months later Thor, Loki and Damian left the group to go roving and did not return to the group. Finn MacCool took over as dominant male beside Mist Alonzo Mourning took over as dominant male. The three males soon joined a small group that was not known till they had joined. The group was called Ragnarok.


The group was made up by Finn, Pollion, Stop It, a wild female, Axel, Lutzputz, Prieska and two pups. Thor took dominance over the other males whiel Finn, the oldest female took dominance of the new group. Finn gave birth in March 2010 to four pups. Loki was the first to babysit. He is still in the group to day often seen as a sentry. Loki is much smaller then Thor and is unlikely to take dominance from him thoguh he is the small age.


In May of 2010 Loki and Damian went roving since they couldn't gain dominance from Thor. The two males were soon joined by Buddah, a Drie Doring male they once lived with. The Three males soon came across a small mobof five members. The mob was the newly formed Warriors. There were three males Sera, Cho and Kili and two males Juno and Marico. The three Drie Doring males joined the gorup kicking out the two Whiskers males. Loki took male dominance beside Sera the dominant female.


Mother: Makonkie

Father: Osprey

Sister: Mist

Brother: Thor

Mate: Sera


Drie Doring Mob

Ragnarok Mob

Warriors Mob

Thor Drie Doring

Mist Drie Doring

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