Lizzy Whiskers


Whiskers and Rockkats
Date of Birth
August, 2010
Ella and Tundercat
Sparkle, Ivoj Nob and Pat McGroin
Colin and uknown
Niku and Roley
Known For
Rockkats founder


Lizzy (VWF154) was born on August 2010 in the Whiskers Mob. Her mother was Ella and her father was Thundercat . Her litter-mates were her sister Sparkle(VWF154) and two brothers Pat McGroin (VWM155) and Ivoj Nob (VWM157). All four pups survived to adulthood. Her two brothers start to rove with only one year old. Ella had lost dominance to her daughter Enili. She started to evicted females from the group making Lizzy one of the oldest females, but soon Lizzy was evicted in August 2011 along with Penetrant and her sibbling Sparkle. They left the group for good.


The three females across three wild males. They founded a group, the Rockkats. The three females fought for the dominance, despite Penetrant was the oldest female. Finally Penetrant won and became the dominant female with Roxx as the dominant male. The same month she mated with the youngest of the males named Colin and became pregneat on October, 2011, but she wasn´t the only. Penetrant and Sparkle were pregenat too. On 23 October, 2011 she gave birth to her first surviving litter consited of two pups: Niku (VRKF004) and Roley (VRKM005). Her sister-sibbling Sparkle lost her litter and Penetrant gave birth. She wasn´t got pregneat until April, 2012. Again she wasn´t the only. Penetrant and Sparkle were pregneat too. Lizzy was the first to gave birth, sadly her pups were killed by Sparkle. Penetrant aborted and Sparkle gave birth to three pups. In October she and Penetrant were pregneat so she was evicted. Lizzy soon aborted and returned, while Penetrant gave birth to seven pups. Lizzy still alive living in the Rockkats today.


Mother: Ella

Father: Thundercat

Sisters: Sparkle

Brothers: Pat McGroin and Ivoj Nob

Children: Niku and Roley


Whiskers Mob

Rockkats Mob

Sparkle Whiskers

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