Lizzy Iguana

Lizzy Iguana

Formerly of the Vipers
Date of Birth
June 7, 2009
Petra and Flash
Skinks, Hiss, Gecko and Komodo
Easel, Sandra, Trey, Francesco, Talko, Zeta, Erma, Rush, etc...etc...
Known For
First Dominant Female of the Vipers


Lizzy(VIGF005) was born on July 7, 2009 in the Iguana Mob. Her mother was Petra and her father was Phillepe the dominant couple o the Iguana at the time. She was born in a large litter of five, her litter-mates were three brothers Hiss(VIGM006), Gecko(VIGM007) and Komodo(VIGM009) and one sister Skinks(VGIF008). The Iguana was a young small mob with few adults however the five pups survived their first few months. Sadly Philleppe died leaving the dominant male position open to Busta, Lizzy's unlce. A Commando male named Flash joined the group and became the new dominant male. Lizzy and her litter-mates survived to adulthood. Petra started to evict females from the group and Lizzy's aunts and cousins left the group making her one of the oldest subordinante females. Lizzy never produced any surviving litters in the Iguana and in December 2010, Petra sadly died. Lizzy competed for dominance but her older sister Mamba became the dominant female. Lizzy remained in the group till she was evicted in late 2011 along with her sister Skinks and younger half sister Irizima. The every next day the females were seen in the compony of five roversfrom the Warthog Mob.


The small group stayed together and founded a new mob called the Vipers. Being one of the oldest females Lizzy competed for dominance and easily ousted her two sisters, taking the positon of dominant female for herself. She was fitted with a radio collar so the mob could be tracked. The males competed for dominance till finally the oldest named Lavern became the dominant male. Irizima was pregnant when evicted and gave birth in August 2011 to Mystery and Mystic. Lizzy aborted her litter but soon got pregnant again. She gave birth on Janaury 23, 2012 to Easel, Sandra and Trey. She was pregnant again and gave birth to VVRF006, Francesco, Talko and Zeta on May 15, 2012. Sadly VVRF006 was predated in July. Lizzy started to show signs of being pregnant in October and abanonded Irizima's litter. She gave birth to Erma, VVRP011 and Rush, however VVRP011 was predated the following month when the pups started to forage with the adults. Her sister Skinks produced a litter in Febaury 2013. Lizzy gave birth to her last litter on VVRF017, VVRF018, VVRF019 and VVRM020 on August 10, 2013. A few days after the pups emerged, on August 28, 2013 Lizzy was predated by a bird of prey leaving her sister Skinks as the new dominant female.


Iguana Mob

Vipers Mob

Lavern Warthog

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