Lily Kit Kats

Lily Kit Kats

Yes of the Jat Dogs
Date of Birth
First Seen: December 30, 2008
Cream, Carlso, VJDF005, VJDM006, VJDM007, VJDP008, VJDP009, VJDP010 and VJDP011
Known For
Second dominant female of the Jat Dogs

Kit KatEdit

Lily(VKTF003) was First Seen in the Kit Kats Mob on December 30, 2007. She was seen with another wild female named Roseanata who may have been her older sister. The two females were seen with six wild males and the group began to be followed. The bigger female Roseanata was the dominant female of the new group along with wild male Prey. Lily lived her life as a subordinate female in the Kit Kats. Lily mated with a rover and gave birth to Cream and Carols on July 27, 2008. Roseanata allowed her two pups to live because she had none at the time. The next time Roseanata got pregnant she evicted Lily from the group again.Being the only subordinate female, Roseanata would need her help to care for her pups but Lily had already left the group for good.

Jat DogsEdit

On Novmber 29, 2009, Lily met a wild female named Jenny and the two stayed together. and an evicted female teamed up with a couple of more meerkats and formed the Jat Dogs Mob. Two Kit Kat males Ralph and Parkins joined the two females the next month. Jenny and Ralph became the dominant pair. Jenny gave birth to Halton, Edith, Sharon and Danniel March 12, 2009. Things were looking good for the Jat Dogs. All foud pups sirvived and started foraging with the adults. Two months later the Jat Dogs found a snake in their burrow and began to mob it. Jenny was bitten by a snake and sadly died. Lily was the last adult female in the group so she took charge and found herself the dominant female of her own group. Ralph and Parkins didn't stay with the Jat Dogs anymore, maybe they wer her brother. The two left Lily with four juveniles. However their luck changed when Brock, Evan and Benny joined the group the next month. Brock took over as the dominant male and became Lily's mate. The group started to gain numbers with Lily's litters. She gave birth on October 20, 2009 to VJDF005, VJDM006 and VJDM007. All three pups survived. Lily gave birth to VJDP008, VJDP009, VJDP010 and VJDP011 on January 10, 2010. Lily is still the dominant female of the Jat Dogs today.


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