Lilia Cobras

Lilia Cobras

Yes of the Cobras
Date of Birth
March 16, 2009
Abby, Eva, Dawkins, Jenny, Paula, Hermes, Alberta, Greg etc..etc...
Known For
Second dominant female of the Cobras

Lilia(VCAF008) was born on March 16, 2009 in the Cobras Mob. Her mother was Tasmin and her father was Butch the dominant pair at the time. She was born with one brother named Lance(VCAM009). Her mother again gave birth on August 27, 2009 to Sonya,Sammy and Shania. After this her father Butch got TB and died on August 29, 2009 and Indiana Jones became the dominant male. Lilia and her brother Lance started to babysit their mother's pups. Tasmin evicted her aunts Shelly and Suzie from the group. Lilia became the oldest female so she was often evicted when her mother was pregnant. After Tasmin was predated, Lilia became the new dominant female. Indiana Jones left the group to rove. In December a Ember males Java and Sean joined the group and became the dominant male and her mate. That same month the Cobras had a group encounter with the Embers. On Janaury 20, 2011 Lilia gave birth to Abby, Eva and Dawkins. She gave birth to her 2nd litter Jenny and Paula on October 6, 2011. She again gave birth on June 21, 2012 to Hermes, Alberta and Greg.


Mother: Tasmin

Father: Butch

Brother: Lance

Mate: Java


First litter born on January 20, 2011 fathered by Java

Abby (VCAF027)

Eva (VCAF028)

Dawkins (VCAM029)

2nd litter born on October 6, 2011 fathered by Java

Jenny (VCAF030)

Paula (VCAF031)

3rd litter born on June 21, 2012 fathered by Java

Hermes (VCAP032)

Alberta (VCAF033)

Greg (VCAM034)


Cobras Mob