Lightning Topaz
Zeus (Lightning) being lethargic due to TB

Lightning sick with TB

Lightning Topaz (VTM015) was the the third dominant male of the Topaz Mob. He was born on January 5, 2004. His mother was Ruby and his father was Marty, who was the brother of the current dominant male named Wallace. He had two litter-mates: Blue Flame (VTF014) and Toby (VTM016). When they were four weeks old and went out on there first foraging trip, Blue Flame was predated by a Goshawk. Later in 2004 the Topaz split in two and the splinter group became a permanent group called the Amerson Mob. After one year his father Marty was killed by a car. The dominant male Wallace passed away in 2007 and Lightning stepped up as the new dominant male. But due to him being Ruby's son he couldn't mate with her. Lightning was given a collar so the group could be tracked. Two years later Ruby passed away and Lightning's half sister Mila became the dominant female. Once again due to his close relation with her the two couldn't mate. Rovers were constantly coming around the family and most of the time Lightning was there to chase them off, one male was even killed by Lightning. Some rovers however were able to get Mila pregnant when Lightning wasn't paying attention. Sadly he contracted TB in 2011 and died. His death was a gigantic loss to the family. Due to his large size he could easily fight battles and mobbing snakes was easy. Even if he couldn't breed he definitely was important to the family. His nephew Flash became the next dominant male.

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