Yossrain:Very Crankey and Mean

Eposoid 1:Party On The Block Edit

(Micth runs threw the door dancing)

Mitch:Yeah!Schools out!

Mitch' mom:No no,you idot!It's 3!Not 9!

Mitch:Can I have a party?

Micth's mom:Get me pie,old lady!

Mitch:So..I guess that's a yes!Thanks!

(At Mozart and Shakespeare's house)

Mozart:A party!

Shakespeare(Screaming):Yes!I will bring my Chococlote applie cream pie!

Mitch:See you at seven!I'm going to Flower' house!

(At Flower's House)

Mitch:Hey,I have some news!

Flower:Oh Oh,you know what news means?


Flower:You're a girl!(Slaps Mitch with purse)Omg!I can't belvie you are a girl!!!You want to put on makeup?!

Mitch:NOOO!!!I'm haveinvg a party.

Flower:So you're not a girl....a party?Awesome!

Yossrain:Get of my lawn,girly girl!


Mitch:See you later,my love.

Flower:What? Mitch:nothing!(Slams Door)

(At Axel's House)

Axel:Will there be food?

Yossrain:Will you shut up?!

Mitch:Yes..(Looks at Yossrain)Huh?

Axel:Get out of my house,old man!

Yossrain:You're not the boss of me!(Slaps himself inthe face)

(At Sophie's house)

Sophie:Really?!(dose the cho cho slide dance)Everybody clap you're hands!

Micth:Pinch Me.

(Sophie pinchs Mitch)

Mitch:Well bye!!

(At Mitch's house)

Mozart:Wow,do you have punch?

Flower:Let's dance!

(Axel puts on music)Axel:Just Dance!

Mitch:(turns on slow music)You wanna dance Flower?

Flower:You Are Dead!!!(Slaps Him and turns on funky music)

Mitch's mom:QIUT!read a book or something!

Sophie:Reading is boring!But this isn't...

Shakespeare:Don't you dare...!(Is slpaped with corn)

Sophie:Corn on the cob!

Axel:Food fight!

Mozart:Uh...I'm a banana head!

(Everyone dances and act crazy until,Yossrain randomly walks in)


(Everyone freezes)

Mitch's mom:You are grounded Micth!Everyone go HOME!


Shakspeare:Thus party was land anyways.

Axel:I love cupcakes!


Yossrain:What about me?I'm I ever going to be in?

Kitty(Me,the decter):Get out if the show!Oh,Uh..this may get us more people!

Mitch:Anyways,I'm going to bed.

Kitty:Vist us next time!

Yossrain:Can I ever be famous?

Kitty:I will make you die if you don't stop.


Eposoid 2:The mystery prankerEdit

(At Axel's house)

Axel:(Singing)I was like,baby baby,baby oh,like-(hears a loud noise in the living room)what's that?(Walks in the living room.

Axel:Hey!A present!(opens present)Look up?(Looks up)Paint falls on him)


(At Flower's house)

Flower:(Looking at Justin Bieber poster and kissing it)Will you mary me?

Kitty:This is going on YouTube!LOL

Flower:DON'T DO THAT!!!

(Water Bollans fall in them)

Flower:AHHHH!!I WAS WEREING MAKE UP!!Why was this in the spict?

Kitty:This wasn't going to happen to me!Maybe it's Justin Bieber that did this.

Flower:Really?!(Anther bollan falls in her)AHHHHHHHH!

(At Shakespeare's and Mozart's house)

What will happen next?Will Shakespeare and Mozart be pranced too?!



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