Lickerish Hoppla
Wild and Hoppla Mob
Yes of the Hoppla
Date of Birth
First Seen: November 8, 2008
First Seen with Gummy Bear
VHPF009, VHPF010, VHPM011, VHPM012, VHPF013, VHPF014, VHPM015 and VHPF016...etc...etc
Known For
Second Dominant Female of the Hoppla


Lickerish(VHPF007) was First Seen on November 8, 2008 but she was born in a wild mob sometime in late 2006 or early 2007. Her parents were either the dominant pfemale or a subordinate female and her father was either the dominant male of a rover. Her litter-mates remain unknown but she was first seen with another female named Gummy Bear. They were evicted by the dominant female in November 2008 and left their group.


The two females were seen trailing the Hoppla Mob, and were allowed to join. They were probably from the same group as Vedra the dominant female. She had evicted all the other subordinate females who left the group making easy for Lickerish and Gummby Bear to join the Hoppla mob, because Vedra just gave birth and needed babysitters. The next month Vedra was predated leaving the dominant female position available. Lickerish took the vacant position and became the new dominant female. The dominant male was a Lazuli male named J. Alfred Prufrock. On Janaury 27, 2009 Lickerish gave birth to VHPF009, VHPF010, VHPM011 and VHPM012. Then on April 23, 2009 Lickerish gave birth to VHPF013, VHPF014, VHPM015 and VHPF016. Gummy Bear gave birth to VHPM017, VHPM018 and VHPM019 on August 16, 2009. On November 28, 2009 Lickerish gave birth to VHPP020, VHPP021, VHPP022 and VHPP023. She had been the dominant female of the Hoppla for a year the end of 2009. Lickerish is still the dominant female of the Hoppla today.


Hoppla Mob

J. Alfred Prufrock Lazuli

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