Lawrence Warpath
Formerlly of the Warpath
Date of Birth
Early 2010
Vai and Mike
Ken, Archer and Cody
Known For
Second and final dominant male of the Warpath

Subordinate maleEdit

Lawrence was born in early 2010. His mother was Vai and his father was Mike. His littermates were Ken, Archer and Cody. Lawrence was always bullied by his bigger littermates and older brothers. Even his father picked on him. He started to stand up for himself when he was older, he even almost beat his father into submission. He did go roving a few times, although he wasn't very good it. Finally, his time came to become dominant male when Mike was predated.

Dominant maleEdit

As all the males but him left the group, Lawrence became the new dominant male. He struggled with his position at first, but later became a formidable force, like his father Mike was. In September 2013, Vai lost dominance to Nikita and Lawrence got his first mate. He was seen mating with her, though it was unknown if she was pregnant or not. Unfortunately, Nikita was predated before it was known if she was pregnant, Once again leaving Lawrence without a mate. Lawrence later left his sisters and the dominant female Krystina disappeared, bringing an end to the warpath. Lawrence was last seen two weeks after the fall of the Warpath.