Lavern Warthog

Lavern Warthog

Yes of the Vipers
Date of Birth
Janaury 2010
Minga and unknown rover
Sherly and Cleo
Lizzy, Skinks and Irizima
Easal, Sandra, Trey, Erma, Rush, etc...etc...
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Vipers


Lavern(VWHM022) was born in the Warthog Mob in Janaury 2010. His mother was Minga, a subordinante female, and his father was a roving male. Lavern was born with two litter-mate sisters named Sherly(VWHF020) and Cleo(VWHF021). Minga was barely a year old at the time she gave birth. The Warthog was a small young mob with few adults but all three pups survived thier first three months. The dominant female Loretta gave birth to three pups in March. Lavarn and his sisters survived to adulthood without much event. In June 2011 Minga, Cleo and some other meerkats split away from the group to form their own mob along with Acid. Lavern didn't stay in the Warthog for long and soon went rovings with younger males Leo, Little Man, Toris and Bull in August 2011.


The five rovers met up with three evicted females and formed the Vipers. The females were from the Iguana Mob and one of females named Lizzy became the dominant female. Lavern competed for dominance and managed to beat all the other males. Lavern became the dominant male. One of the females, the youngest named Irizma was already pregnant and gave birth to two pups in August. Lizzy soon became pregnant, Lavern was the father, and gave birth to three pups in Janaury 2012. Lavern remained the dominant male and none of the other males challanged his dominance. Lizzy gave birth to three more litters however she was predated soon after giving birth to her last litter in May 2013. Her sister Skinks became the new dominant female and Lavern's second mate. She gave birth to two pups in September 2013 but was soon overthrewn by the last Iguana female named Irizima. By then all the other Warthog males had taken to roving and left the group, leaving Lavern's dominance unchallanged. Lavern is still the dominant male of the Vipers today.


Warthog Mob

Vipers Mob

Lizzy Iguana

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