Lallie was born on April 24, 2006 in a mixed litter of seven pups. Her mother is unknown, but she must of been either Young or HP. Her father was most likely a rover. Cazanna died in December 2006 and Aretha took dominance. Lallie and the other survived to adulthood. In November 2007, Lallie was evicted with Esme, Landie, and Bish, they didn't rejoin the Lazuli.

Prairie DogsEdit

They formed the Prairie Dogs. Esme was the oldest female and she became dominant female. Lallie had several litters and was evicted often. Finally in November 2009, Lallie and Landie were evicted and this time they didn't rejoin the Prairie Dogs.


The two girls came upon a small splinter group of five meerkats being lead by the oldest female Bryony. Lallie and Landie both ousted Bryony and Lallie forced her sister to submit, she then became the dominant female. Before finding the group, both Lallie and Landie mated with two of the males. The male that she mated with, Shard, became the dominant male. Both females were pregnant. Lallie gave birth to her first Owl litter December 2009 of two pups, Shadyk and Lydfryk. Landie gave birth to a single pup, all three pups survived to adulthood. Lallie began producing litters and proving to be a successful leader. In October 2010, the wild female Bryony left the group with her sister and took two of Lallie's child, her son Hoole, and her pup Cleve.

The following month, Landie left the group with Shard's brothers and her son Pleek. In July 2011, Shard was bitten and her nephrew Arrin became natal dominant male. Lallie mated with a rover and in August gave birth to Dustytuft, Smutty, and Wortmore, in January Smutty and Wortmore were predated.

In October 2011, Lallie was attacked and lost dominance to her eldest daughter at the time, Ginger. But when Ginger went far as too evict her, Lallie took back dominance and evicted her daughter.

The next month her daughter Mylotte evicted her younger sister Lutta, but Lallie let Lutta back in.

Lallie is still the dominant female of the Owls today.

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