Lady Magica (Dumpling, re-named to Lady Magica on 13th July 2009) was born in a large litter of 6, this included her 3 sisters, Dot, Rowan and Jelly, and her 2 brothers, Pozzo and Jelly-Bean. Magica was one of the first Tazarian pups, and so she helped her sisters nurse the pups. Magica remained reliable in the Tazarians, but she often fell to roving males who lurked near the group. Lady Magica was only evicted around 4 times over her life, unlike her sisters, who were always nearly being evicted. Lady Magica was believed to have been taken by a hungry Gosshawk one afternoon in 2007, but everyone was mistaken and Magica returned to her family after being seperated. Magica played a vital role in the group when her sister Bella was taken by a gosshawk and when Mozart was gone. She led the family to a new burrow (Because the old one was set to collapse), she raised other females kids instead of having her own. Magica will take over the family when Mozart finally leaves their world. Like her brother, Bailey, Magica was a born hero.

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