Lady Kool Kats

Lady Kool Kats

Yes of the Dragons
Date of Birth
Janaury 16, 2009
Amari and Unknown
Doudle Stack and Big Mac
VDNP001, VDNP002 and VDNP003
Known For
First Dominant Male of the Dragons

Kool KatsEdit

Lady(VKKF008) was born in the Kool Kats Mob on January 16, 2009. Her mother was Amari but her father was an unknow wild male. Her litter-mates were her two brothers Big Mac(VKKM006) and Double Stack(VKKM007). They were the first litter ever born in the Kool Kats. However their mother was not the dominant feamle but Cheetra. Two months later Cheeyra gave birth to two pups making Lady and her brothers no longer the pups of the Kool Kats anymore. In May 2009 four rovers joined the group and kicked out Mr. Jack, and Pups. Doudle Stack and Spots left the group and joined two Embers rovers and formed a new group. followed the males and formed the Nightshade. Lady and Big Mac remained in the Kool Kats and survived to adulthood, Doudle Stack survived too but lived in the Nightshade. The Kool Kats adopted a female Warthog pup named Boots. Amari was evicted and formed the Dragons. Lady was now the oldest female under Cheetra. She babdysat and cared for Cheetra's pups. She was often evicted but managed to get back into the group. In August she was evicted along with Boots and Cat Girl. The three females rejoined the group. Then in December 2010, Lady was evicted along with Boots, Fat Cat and Mad Cat. The four females soon joined three Puff Adder rovers and formed a new group.


The new group was called the Dragons. The oldest Puff Adder male Venom became the dominant male without any trouble from the other males. Lady competed for the dominant female position along with Boots. Fat Cat and Mad Cat were seen also competing but they were not as serious as the two oldest females. Lady's main rival was Boots, the adopted Warthog female. Finnally Lady won the position of dominant female. Lady gave birth to three pups on February 21, 2011. This was her first litter ever. Lady is still thye dominant female today.


Mother: Amari

Father: Unknown Wild Male

Brother: Big Mac and Doudle Stack

Mate: Venom

Children: VDNP001, VDNP002 and VDNP003


Kool Kats Mob

Dragons Mob

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