Lady Kat(VWF036) was born in the Whiskers Mob on the January 26, 2000. Her mother was Anderile and her father was Kine of the Rascals. Lady Kat had one litter-mate brother named Teddy Bear(VWM037).Her mother was evicted by dominant female Holly along with Brambles, Piglet, Rafiki and Risca. Only Risca rejoined the group. Holly gave birth to a new litter on March 15, 2000. After Holly died Risca took dominance. A group of Vivian males joined the Whiskers. Lady Kat mated with Attila. She killed Risca's litter and gave birth to Villet and Baby Bear on September 12, 2001. Risca was over thrown by Vialli. Vialli evicted Risca and Wahine and they formed the Gattaca. Artemis and Lady Kat were the next to be evicted. They left the group along with Aphrodite.


They at first joined a Lazuli male and a Balrog male but those males soon lef them. They a group of Vivian males joined the females and they formed the Harlequin Mob. Lady Kat is still in the Harlequin today.


Mother: Anderile

Father: Kine

Brother: Teddy Bear

Mate: Attila

Daughters: Villet and Baby Bear


Whiskers Mob

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