Zapper Edit

Lady Day(VZPF0022) was born May 1, 2001 in the Zapper. Her mother was Ola and her father was a wild male. Lady Day's two litter mates were killed by Whintey. Ola was evicted. Lady Day made it to alduthood.She babysat her aunt's pups alot.Then,on January 1,2006,Lady Day gave birth.But Whintey killed her litter.On Januray 10,2006,she vilontey evicted Lady Day.Lady Day then found a few females and males and they formed the Alabama mob .

Alabama Mob Edit

Lady Day assumed dominate female postin along with Drew.Lady Day agave birth on March 1,2006 to Julie,Brad and Bambi.Michi gave birth gave birth five days after to Missy.Lady Day allowed Missy to live,however she evicted Michi four weeks after.She allowed Missy to return after three days of being alone.Lady Day gave birth to Black Tail,and Spots.She evicted Kala. Lady Day evicted Lily after that.She allowed them both to return a week after.On June 3,there was a group split.Lady Day and Drew lead seven meerkats while Kala lead the other half.Lady Day found them two weeks later,Lady Day retuned them. Kala handed over leadership to Lady Day.On October 2,2006,Aura gave birth to four pups.Michi however,killed the pups.Lady Day didn't evict Michi since she had no pups.On Januray 2,2007,Lady Day agave birth to Eargon,Meldoy,and Fire Cat.Bambi was killed by the Zapper,while baby-siting.Lady Day evicted Ji Ji,and (VAlF00??).Lady allwoed them to return four weeks later.She gave birth again,but Kala killed her litter and gave birth.Lady Day killed Kala's litter and evicted her.That was the only time Lady Day killed pups.She gave birth again on December 3,2007 to Dasiy.Kala gave birth to Elizbeth two days after.Lady Day evicted her,and Kala dissapered.On Feb.23,2008,Lady Day gave birth to Jo Jo,and Izzy.Fire Cat was killed two weeks after.Lady Day evicted Julie.She soon evicted Meldoy two days after.Lady Day gave birth to Young,and Barbie on July 5,2008.Lady Day evicted Dasiy.She gave birth to Hazel.That was the the last litter till 2011. Lady Day evicted Lulu in 2009.She then evicted Julie again.On May 1,2010,Bobby overthrew Drew and he and other males killed him.Bobby and Lady Day never mated,so they were believed to be related to eachother.Lady Day evicted Izzy,who died.She then evicted Dasiy.On Oct.2,2010,Lady Day evicted Ji Ji,who sadly died.Lady Day mated with a wild rover,and gave birth on Feb.12,2011.She and Bobby are the pair today.

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