Kori JaXX


Yes of the Lombax
Date of Birth
August 13, 2008
Diana and Vince
Dikkop, Genet and Korhaan
Cyan, Camerine, Cerulean, Crimson...etc....etc...
Known For
Dominant Male of the JaXX and Lombax


Kori(VJXM005) was born on August 13, 2008 in the JaXX Mob. His mother is Diana and his father was Vince. Kori was born with one litter-mate brother, Korhaan(VJXM006) and two sisters, Dikkop(VJXF008) and VJXP007. VJXP007 didn't survive and died some where in October 2008. By November 2008 his mother Diana gave birth to a new litter of pups consisting of Twix, Snickers,Kit-Kat, Rolo and Boost. By December of 2008, Sid Vicious, former dominant male, and Monsoon Moon left the group. Sid Vicious joined the Sequoia Mob. By next January 2009, Diana gave birth to Rococo, Wolfie, Gene and Kariros. Kori's father Vince, Spike, Korhaan and Boost disappeared in May 2009 after being seperetaed during a group encounter. His mother Diana was left with no breeding mate in the group. Kori was the oldest of the males so he assumed dominance to his mother next to Diana. His younger sister Kit-Kat was sadly predated in July 2009. Kori and several of his brothers left the group for good when they encountered a group of Whiskers females while roving.


The males stayed with the females and formed as the Lombax Mob. Kori easily established himself as the dominant male and the other males submitted to his rule. The oldest of the females named Oriole became the dominant female. She accepted Kori as her mate and soon the two started to produce litters. Kori is still the dominant male of the Lombax today.


JaXX Mob

Lombax Mob

Oriole Whiskers

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