Kleintjie(VGGF014) was a born on November 23,2003 in the Gattaca Mob. Her mother was Risca(VWF004). Kleintjie had one litter-mate sister, Zorilla(VGGF012) and two brothers, Sabe(VGGM013) and VGGM0). After two years in Gattaca their mother Risca evicted them and they teamed up with Young Ones males and formed the Commandos Mob in 2004. Zorilla took dominant female along side the dominant male, Hannibal. Kleintjie gave birth to a litter in Commandos in March 2005 but her litter was lost. Her second litter was in January 2006 but her litter was also lost. After three years in Commandos in 2008 Zorilla evicted Kleintjie along with another female, Benzedrine and they were evicted from the group. They then teamed up with wild males, McDrigon(VKUM003) and Tumbo(VKUM001) , Pilko(VKUM002) and formed the Kung Fu Mob. Kleintjie won dominant female and McDrigo won dominant male. A Whiskers male, Ningaloo, joined the Kung Fu. McDrigon disappeared. Ningaloo takes male dominance. The first litter born in Kung Fu was in June 2008 by Kleintjie and Benzedine who gave birth to 6 pups. In August Kleintjie gave birth to 3 pups. After that she gave birth to three more litters that year. Kleintjie evicted Benzedrine from the group in January 2009 and Benzedrine joined the QQ Mob. Kleintjie gave birth to 7 pups in November 2008. Kleintjie gave birth to 5 pups then her current litter in March 2010 is 5 pups.

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