Meerkat Tales, Kimberly's Courage, is the first book in the Meerkat Tales series. It is basically like a starter book for the 18-novel series by Keeper Smith.

Kimberly's Courage
Release Date
November 27, 2010
Thought up
Keeper Smith (RussleH or KeeperS)
Book in series
Book 1
Items of Interest
Has two covers, origionally called 'Meerkat Story, the Life Story of Kimberly Hunters'


Hunters dominate female Pansy is loosing her grip on her group. Her daughter, Sylvia, is growing more powerful. One pup could be the awnser to the Hunters' leadership problem but she has a lot of growing up to do before she can take her rightful role as dominate female and still has a bloody, older sister to defeat. In the Hunters' darkest of hours, one leader will rise and bring them to their glory.



Pansy-first Hunters dominate female, mother of Kimberly

Hooligan-first Hunters dominate male, father of Kimberly

Sylvia-vicious older sister of Kimberly who becomes the second dominate female

Regan-easily overthrown by Kimberly when they are in the splinter group

Georgia-Kimberly's little sister, the runt of the litter

CSA-Kimberly's littermate, predated while evicted

Danielle-Kimberly's littermate, evicted by her niece, becomes dominate female of Moons group

Kimberly-star of the book, the Hunters long-term dominate female

Buckshot-Kimberly's first mate

Streak-Kimberly's second mate, stepfather of Russle so he is her mate also

Shy-Kimberly's oldest son, the sentry of the group

Keeper-Kimberly's oldest daughter, becomes dominate female of Cherokees group

Hawkeyes-Keeper's littermate sister, evicted and never returns

Russle-dominate female after Kimberly, defeats Keeper in the fight for dominate female

Kim-Kimberly's last daughter


Marka-dominate female, leads the attack on Kimberly and her littermates

Boogada-Hooligan's brother who is dominate male of the Ashantis Kinkajous Bethany-dominate female


Momo-young dominate female

Pap-dominate male who is badly beaten by Streak



Sylvia-formerly from Hunters, founder and first dominate female of this group, trouble maker

Crush-Buckshot's older brother, former dominante male of Hunters

Miss Queen-becomes the dominate female after Sylvia's death

Specials InsideEdit

Collectable charactor card-Kimberly

Collectable Animal card-perigrine falcon

Photo tribute at the end

Meerkat Tales manga short #1: the Challenger (Kimberly's fight for dominance)

Info box-text box with all Kimberly's pups and acomplishments at the end of the book

The Main CharactersEdit

Kimberly-the star. She gets snake bit twice, both by a puff adder and survives! She later becomes the dominate female of a Hunters splinter group. When the two groups reuinite, she overthrows Sylvia, attaining dominance. She leads for 6 years before her death when she is bitten by a black mamba.

Pansy-Kimberly's mother who is the leader of the group in the begining. She is overthrown by Slyvian and evicted. She isn't emntioned again.

Hooligan-Kimberly's father who is the tough dominate male. He leaves the Hunters after Pansy dies.

Slyvia-Kimberly's evil sister who leads the Hunters into their darkest of times. She is overthrown by Kimberly but allowed to remain in the Hunters. She continues to reak havoc and when the Hunters split, she becomes the new dominate female of their group.

Buckshot-Kimberly's first mate who is killed in a group encounter.

Streak-Kimberly's second mate. He is currently the Hunters dominate male beside his step-daughter, Russle.

Russle-Kimberly's daughter who is very reliable. She is currently the Hunters dominate female.

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