Khasar Commandos

Khasar Commandos

Yes of the Argonians
Date of Birth
August 18, 2008
None Yet
Known For
Khasar the Bitter and evicting Tina Sparkle, dominant male of the Argonians


Khasar(VCDM061) was born on August 18, 2008 in the feared Commandos Mob. His mother was Zorilla and his father was Zarathustra. He was born in the litter of litter of five. His litter-mates were his two sisters Dashti(VCDF062) and Saren(VCDF063) and his two brothers Buta(VCDM064) and Tegus(VCDM065). They survived to adulthood. Khasar started to bit the other pups. He was aslway bitting erveryone and erverything. He picked on his younger siblings. He often stole food from them. After his mother and fatehr died, his older hald sister Celidh and and uncle Panthro became the dominant pair. In October 2009 Zorro, Ziggurat, Khasar, Buta, Tegus and Zoo Zoo left the group to rove on August 9, 2009. On August 10, 2009 they picked up Sophie a lost Pound Puppies pup. It was Ziggurat who found her and carried her back with the other males. For some reason Khasar suddenly wanted her so he took Sophie from Ziggurat. Khasar was barely a year old.


Harriet and Khasar

Khasar and Harriet

The males joined three females, two were Whiskers females and one was an unknown. They stayed together and formed a new group called the Xerxes Mob. His older brother Zorro and unknown female Zula became the dominant pair. Zula gave birth to Zander, Zee and Zina on November 26, 2009. Khasar was seen purposely bitting Sophie. He was also seen bitting Zorro's pups. Zorro attacked him and so far Khasar hasn't harmed Zorro's pups. He then turn his urge to bit on Sophie who was still a pup. Khasar was seen taking Sophie away from the group. They rejoined but Sophie appeared to be injured. Sophie and Khasar kept disappeared and rejoining the group. It was thoght he was roving but he always takes Sophie with him. Sophie came back with an injured front leg in March. They disappeared at leats three to five times a month. Now that Sophie is older, Khasar seems to torment her by mostly stealign her food and attacking her. He still is able to drig her aroudn since she is smaller then him. Sophie puts up a fight as best as she can. Khasar soon dicovered that Zula and Zorro didn't care to much about the other two females pups. On January 12, 2010 Ju Drop gave birth to Felix and Harriet. Khasar as seen carrying the pups around and from bolt hole to bolt hole much to Ju Drop's dislike. She trailed him and would carry one of her pups back to the birth burrow while Khasar went and grabbed the other. He picked up
Khasar, Ju Drop and Felix

Khasar taking Felix from Ju Drop

Harriet and carried her to a bolt hole. He ran into the foraging Xerxes but Zula or Zorro did nothing. Ju Drop went to get her pups. While she was taking Harriet back to the birth burrow Khasar was already taking Felix to a different bolt hole. Ju Drop went to get her son and Khasar went back for Harriet. He carried the pups to different bolt holes as Ju Drop went to get the other. At some point Ju Drop lost Khasar who had Harriet. Khasar was seen taking the little pup to a new burrow where he left her. He went to go get Felix and took him with the frantic Ju Drop trailing behind. Harriet was forgotten The Xerxes move burrows that day, since Khasar too Felix to a new one. Ju Drop went looking for her lost pup. She check all the bold holes and burrows in the area but couldn't find Harriet. Ziggurat came back from roving and he heard Harriet's cries. He carried the pup back to the burrow where she was re-united with her mother and brother. Within the next few days, Khasar returned from foraging before the other meerkats and would take the pups to new bold holes much to the babysitters dislike. Ju Drop would move her pups back tot he burrow. One night the pups slept away from the main group with Khasar and juvenile Sophie. He left the pups and Sophie alone in the burrow to forage. Sophie was able to lead Ju Drop back to her missing pups.

When the pups started foraging, Khasar started steeling food from them. He would wait for the helper to give the pups some food and leave, then he would snatch the snack from the pup's mouth. Harriet and Felix hardly ate their first few weeks on solid food so they kept nursing from Ju Drop to stay alive. Khasar got fat while Ju Drop got thin from nursing her pups. Felix faired better then his sister who was easier to steal from. Khasar also picked on Sophie who was small for her age. The two pups survived in despite their rough start to life. Dominant female Zula gave birth to a new litter of pups only four pups after Harriet's. Khasar left the dominant pairs' pups alone and kept picking on Harriet mostly. Then luck changed for the pups, Harriet's aunt Tina Sparkle gave birth to Dina Twinkle and Rina Speckle on June 17, 2010. Khasar babysat the first day. He did the same thing to Tina Sparkle's pups as he did for Ju Drop's. Khasar forgot all about Harriet and Felix. Ju Drop's pups were able to gain weight and started foraging over their own, even though they missed out on learning due to Khasar. Felix and Harriet figured it out.

Khasar and Dina Twinkle

Khasar biting day old Dina Twinkle

On June 17, 2010 Tina Sparkle gave birth to Dina Twinkle and Rina Speckle. He did the same thing to Tina Sparkle. Khasar took babysitting duties the first day the pups were born. After the group left to foraging, he was seen taking the day old pups out of the burrow and carrying them to a two different bolt holes. He was seen biting Dina Twinkle who cried. Her mother returned and took Dina Twinkle from Khasar. She took her back to the burrow. She then went to get Rina Speckle. Khasar got Dina Twinkle again and carried her to a new bolt hole. Tina Sparkle came to get her daughter but Khasar, acting like he was protecting food, kept moving away from Tina Sparkle. He kept biting the pups making her cry. Finally Tina Sparkle attacked Khasar and took her pup back. Khasar trailed the mother and was able to snatch to pup back. He ran away with the pup with Tina Sparkle not too far behind. Khasar dropped the pup after he spotted a hawk and took cover. Tina Sparkle also headed for a bolt hole. She came put only to get her pup and dash back into the bolt hole with her daughter. After which, Tina Sparkle took her pup home. The next few days, Khasar brought each pup above group and carried each pup to a different bolt hole. Khasar went and got Dina Twinkle and the Rina Speckle and carried them to many different bolt holes that it was ahrd to keep track of how many pups has was carrying around since they all looking the same. Khasar left one pup at one bold hole and to the other. He took the two females to two different bold holes then he came back to another bold hol as if there was another pups. He went into the third bold hole where he satyed for a awhile. Khasar sent some time at each bolt hole picking up the pups, biting them and carrying them around in his month. He went to three different bolt holes and then to a fourth but there were no pups. He wondered around to each bolt hole checking for pups but he had not brought pups to them. He spent the day heading to each bolt hole. At the end of the day, he went back to the burrow with out the pups and waiting for the group to return. When Tina Sparkle came back with the group and found Khasar waiting at the burrow with no pups. She wondered around frantically looking for her pups with Khasar trailing behind her. Tina Sparkle was able to find Rina Speckle and late Dina
Khasar evicting Tina Sparkle

Khasar evicting Tina Sparkle

Twinkle a hundred feet away in a different bold hole. She brought both pups back to the burrow. Then she left still searching, which is thought she gave birth to another pup, but she couldn't find any. Tina Sparkle was force to give up and return home when the night time predictors came out. The next day she continued her search but found no pups. Khasar didn't baby sit that day but he came back around noon to brother the two remaining pups, while Tina Sparkle looked for her pup. Khasar was seen heading to a bold hole where he disappeared for a while then came out and continued foraging. Later Khasar returned to the same bolt hole but only stayed a few minutes then left. Khasar kept returning tot he burrow or babysat the pups. He would take the two remaining pups to different bold holes and Tina Sparkle would later bring them back tot he birth burrow. Finnaly she got tired of him and she attacked him. He fought back and used his greater size against her. Heevicted her, a never before event, a male evicted a female. He wouldn't let her rejoined the group and attacked and chased her away when she tried. Her pups were left with no one to protect them from Khasar. She stay away for two days before he allowed her to rejoin the group. She just delt with him. Khasar kept on picking on his favortie Sophie afterwards while Tina Sparkle fed her pups. Khasar lost the weight he gained from stealing from Harriet and Felix. He
Khasar and Bubbles

Khasar stealing Bubbles

babysat the most out of all the members in the group when pups are born to subordinant females. Khasar left to go roving at other groups. He went to the Vampires and tried to go down the burrow but didn't find what he was lookign for so he left. He then went to the Quagga another near by mob. The dominant female had given birth to a new litter. Khasar chased away the babysitter after he attacked him. Then he started to move the pups above ground like he had done at the Xerxes. When the Quagga got back Khasar abandon the pups. He then went to the Zambia, led by his older sister Zoroaster. The pups had already started foraging with the adults so Khasar left the group alone. He then went back to the Xerxes after hsi roving for pups didn't work. Sophie gave birth to three pups and that night Khasar was seen taking them outside soon after they were born. Sophie come up to get the pups. As she was chasing after Khasar she had to give birth to a pup above ground. Sophie moved her pups into a bolt hole. The next day Sophie had to leave her pups alone int he bolt hole, since none of the others knew where they were. Khasar discovered the bolt hole in her absents and moved the pups to a new one. Sophie came back and had to find the pups. She moved each one to the main burrow.Khasar soon got bored with her pups and went vary far to the Celtics. A female named Kanga had just gave birth to three pups a few days before. Khasar easile depatched the babysitters, DW and Dakotaand when below ground into the birth burrow. He took one of the pups out above ground. He was seen caring the pup away by the babysitters. DW and Dakotachased after Khasar but he ran away and they could get the pup back. Khasar was too fast and got away with his prize. He carried te pup around for a day and night before he brought the pup back to Xerxes. Now smelling like Khasar, the pup was adopted into the group and was cared for by Sophie. Khasar continued tormented Harriet, Dina Twinkle, Rina Speckle, Sophie, her pups and Bubbles. Than the group split in October 2010. Khasar wondered away from the splinter group and the main group.


Khasar was seen near the Argonians Mob. There were few meerkats in this group since there was no dominant male and the new dominant female Rhigan had no breeding mate. Khasar coudl nto find any pups here so but he did join the group anyways and became the dominant male. Finally now that he is the dominant male of he Argonians, maybe he will stop his torment of the locate mobs pups.


Mother: Zorilla
Khasar and Sophie

Khasar biting Sophie

Father: Zarathustra

Sisters: Dashti and Saren

Brothers: Buta and Tegus

Mate: Rhigan


Commandos Mob

Xerxes Mob

Sophie Pound Puppies

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