Kat Johnny 13

Kat and Lady Day

Date of Birth
First Seen On October 9,2010
Known For
Being a Johnny 13 and a Nightshade Founder


Kat(VJHF008) was first seen on October 9, 2010 but is thought to have been born somewhere in 2008.She was born in a wild group thought to be the Cape Mob.Her mother and father were probably the dominant pair or a subordinante female and a roving male.Her litter-mates were unknown but are thought to be Grace and Misty.. She survived to adulthood and started to babysit and she was evicted by the dominant female.She was evicted along with Kat,Grace,Mary Pat,Misty,Dani and Kitty.They joined a wild male and 2 Embers rovers and formed a new group in the World Meerkat Project.

Kat and Lady Day

Kat and Lady Day

Johnny 13Edit

The group was Johnny 13 Mob. She was one of the founders of the Johnny 13. She helped formed the Johnny 13 along with Kitty, Grace, Kenny, Misty, Dani, Mary Pat and two Embers males named Danny and Peter. Kat was not the dominant female but a female named Kitty.Then a wild rover named Johnny soon joined them and easily won dominance over the other males.On October 22,2010 Kitty gave birth to Mickey,Lady Day,Bindi and Kite. Being a subordinate female she could not have any pups of her own so she like Grace helped to babysit some of the pups.Sadly Kite was killed by a hawk and the end of the month. In the next month Johnny lost dominance to Danny. On November 3, 2010 Kat was evicted by Kitty from the group and joined up with Dani also evicted after trying to rejoin the group.


Kat was one of the meerkats that helped form the Nightshade. When the group was founded Spots became the dominant male being the oldest males.Kat and Dani fought for dominance but Dani won and became the dominant female and her mate after beating Kat.Kat is still in the Nightshade today.

Meerkat DiariesEdit

Kat played a meerkat called Jane.Kat was seen as a subordinate female helping to babysit Kitty's pups Ash (Played by Lady Day),Mickey(played by Mickey),Bindi(played by Bindi) and Kite(played by Kite).One of the meerkats saw a hawk and sounded the arlam and the group dashed for cover but Kite was left behind and a hawk carried him off.